The 10 Canadian Provinces As High School Kids ?!WTF!?

The 10 Canadian Provinces, And What They Would Be Like As High School KidsThought Catalog

A country is not high school.

Canada is rocks and trees, and some 35 million individuals living in a federal state with sovereign provincial governments.

Alberta is not a “person”. And Quebec is not a “student”.

Here’s my message to Americans, and other foreigners: We Canadians are divided, but Americans have never, ever exploited this sectarian divide. (The closest was when Clinton helped Chretien by giving a speech, and Carter allowed Trudeau Snr to speak to Congress.)

August1991 — MapleLeaf Web


  1. anna says

    You don’t get that that was a Canadian writing a silly humorous article? Not to be taken to heart as an attack but instead for a bit of fun?
    Surely, you didn’t think anything there was literal.

    If, however, you’re going to come down on someone for some silly piece that most Canadians have responded positively to (because they are aware that it’s a fun joke piece- I’m an Ontarian and we were portrayed the worst…), if you want to come across as the informed indignant Canadian who sees this as an attack on our great nation… You have to make sure you spell everyone’s name right.