Minimum Wage Increases — The Neo-Con Ruse

Who wins?

Half of minimum wage earners in Ontario work for large corporations.
Raising minimum wage could rescue the economy — CBC

As I was rooting through Rabble, a tiny gem of wisdom twinkled from way at the bottom of a comment by a character called fortunate: “Again, may not be a huge deal for a large company, but for a mom and pop convenience store running 24/7, it will add up, and mom and pop will be staffing the front counter more hours per week, and sending the employee home with less hours per week.
He gets it.

Large corporations love minimum wage increases because they will always be able to survive the economy. Small businesses operating at the margin get bought by large corporations or go under.

Minimum wage increase legislation is an astonishing socio-economic phenomenon because it plays on the stupidity and selfishness of the common socialists to gain popular support but the effect is the exact nightmare feared by socialists: ever increasing concentrations of property ownership in the hands of a rich elite.


  1. Jen S says

    Ummmm, No.

    So riddle me this, why was economic growth the highest in the US when minimum wages were higher relative to inflation/cost of living, small business ownership was a larger percentage of the economy, and income inequality was at a minimum?

  2. says

    That is no riddle. That is a sick joke.

    You are describing a false economy and you are confusing consequences.

    In the US, economic growth is nothing but falsely reported printed money. When this occurs, the wages are highest for the same reason I gave in my OP: big business takes the opportunity to further crowd out Mom and Pop business.
    It is no coincidence that the Fed prints money to redistribute wealth during recessions.

    Keep feeding big business and crony-capitalist corporate consolidation!

  3. james says

    Only ~5% of people make minimum wage. Saying that increasing minimum wage will somehow improve the economy is pathetic. I’m sure some people will buy it but they’d vote for Wynne no matter what she did.