1984 (Sex Crime) — For The Love Of Big Brother

The year 1984 has come but unfortunately has obviously never gone away. I am writing this post for the love of all sisters.

How I wish I had been unborn
Wish I was unliving here


I never understood what a sex crime was long ago when a pair of my favorite pop stars created the soundtrack to the George Orwell movie. Now, for the love of Big Brother, I would like to discuss criminalizing sex and the horrors of criminal sex which oddly seem to be systemic weapons.

Legalization of Prostitution in Canada
First, let me get a few of my relevant biases out of the way:
Prostitutes are predominantly victims. Very few prostitutes freely choose to sell themselves for money or drugs. Most of them are first coerced into becoming drug dependent and then coerced to pay for drug debts.
All laws related to the sex industry must be repealed. It should not be illegal for prostitutes to sell nor should it be illegal for customers to buy.

When seemingly “conservative” folks feel obligated to enforce morality, I feel a need to throw cream pies in their faces. I never understood the haphazard arguments from the Real Women crowd. It does not make sense for them to steer the debate away from personal responsibility and keep it controlled by forces outside of the family. The only sense I can make out of the prudish conservative opposition to liberal prostitution laws is that it is neurotic blow-back from their own prudish culture: spouses who do not put out and do not want to admit it. If the market for prostitution was unrestricted, the value of a “home-maker” could be more accurately assessed. Follow the money, I say.

Rape and Genital Mutilation
I am lumping these two horrors together because I do not see an interesting difference between them. Here are some more relevant biases of mine: I believe in God and He made us in His image. I can not prove that belief nor do I care to prove it. It is an article of faith for me. I am Catholic too, by the way.
Rape and genital mutilation convince me of the existence of Satan.

Most systemic genital mutilation throughout the world is perpetrated by men against women. All of this evil behavior must stop. It is time for all men throughout the world to stamp these demonic practices out. I want to quickly get male circumcision out of the way. As I said, I am Catholic — I come from a tradition that seems infected with secret homosexual child abusers at all levels of the oppressive hierarchy under the guise of a disciplined chaste patriarchy. I believe most of the priesthood is filled with virtuous men but nobody can tell them apart.
Like a secret covenant, I believe male circumcision is a relic of bizarre forms of enforcing social cohesion in religious hierarchies. In the context of genital mutilation, I believe the essential motivation behind male circumcision is the same as with female circumcision: sexual and social control. However, female mutilation is far worse of a sexual assault to a woman than cutting off a foreskin is to a man.

Teen Dies in Hospital
The issue flared up in the media over the summer after 13-year-old Suhair al Bata’a died undergoing the surgery in a hospital northeast of Cairo. The family’s lawyer said a health report showed the teen died of “a sharp drop in blood pressure resulting from shock trauma.”

Anti-Female Genital Mutilation campaigners mark progress in Egypt
This happened in a hospital! I would go into shock too if somebody held me down and cut off precious parts of my genitalia.

Female genital mutilation is categorically evil in action and intention. Out in the wild, it usually consists of searing off the girl’s clitoris with a hot metal or coal. In many cultures, the aim is to remove any loose genitalia as well. The mutilation is clearly perpetrated to make it darn near impossible for a woman to enjoy sex the way God intended. This is disturbed and evil patriarchy. I am trying to think of what type of woman would deserve such a life-long imposition and so far, the woman who pulled at her son’s testicles until she tore them off is the first to come to mind. Cheaters, cold-fishers and refusers come to mind too but sadly, they are with us to stay.

That is right, guys. A woman pulled her son’s balls off. Who the hell was she trying to punish?? I am trying to imagine the physical strength needed to rip off the flesh —- that alone gives me nightmares. It certainly was not quick and dirty. How this woman assaulted her own child is singularly the most horrible non-lethal assault a man could fear. If ever there could be a scientifically objective definition of the minimum threshold of evil perpetrated by a woman upon a man, the actions of this mother would fit the bill. Since this assault was perpetrated by a woman, the analysis is far more curious than the is/ought divide will ever be because no woman can feel the nauseating pain perpetrated by this woman in how she crippled her own male child. I am convinced this reciprocal, extreme and absolute ignorance between the sexes is part of God’s intelligent design. It is no accident that a woman does not know what it is like to get kicked in the balls nor that a man has no idea how menstrual, labor or child-birthing pains feel.

The best reason is obviously to lead the male to protect his reproductive ability. As far as perpetuating the species is concerned, there is no other part of his body that is more important and a man needs to be able to trust a woman on that. However, the other obvious reason is to protect women. Kicking a guy in the balls gives a woman a chance to defend herself from a male whom God designed to be stronger. A woman in such a position needs as much of an advantage as possible and God gave it to her. I doubt you women see it as such a magically powerful attack but you should. There is no other non-lethal blow that can stop a man in his tracks or scare him to death. Try to think of the exact opposite of unique pleasure of orgasm. You do not even have to kick him. It takes very little force to exert extreme pain. God made us to feel extreme pain with less force than it takes to spin a coin on a table.

No man can appreciate the pains of child-birth and other things endured by women. He has to trust her about them. With this reciprocal sexual ignorance in mind, I posit that the actions of this woman are worse than rape. I want to analyze this offense as coldly as it was perpetrated and as forcefully as it should be judged.

Put aside the horrifying pain inflicted upon her child for the time being. I will address that later. For the time being, let us assume her son was anaesthetized and did not feel her assault. The actions of this woman result in making it impossible for her son to:
1) have sex
2) have children

I ask women: What actions could a man do to a woman if he had the same goals (make her sterile and make it impossible for her to have sex) in mind? How might a man do this to a woman WITHOUT inflicting pain upon her? What category of criminal would you describe such motivation?

In my opinion, either one of those above motives is enough to equate her with a child-rapist, murder, torturer and worse-than-the-worst bad baby-eating demon. Yet, she did both and more to her own child. From a purely scientific basis, the actions of this mother were extinctual. She destroyed her family in one of the most slowly and painful ways possible with a life-time of physical and emotional suffering for her own child of only 6 years old —- if he is lucky! Imagine the Indian monsters who raped a Delhi woman with an iron rod among other things and the Kenyan dogs who raped and paralyzed a girl being a group of fathers raping their daughters.

Now, I want to return to the horrifying pain inflicted upon her child.

Women, you may not know the pain felt by such an assault. I am here to give you some semblance of understanding about how bad it is. If you try to test a man this way, the kindest justice you deserve is to be banished from civilization. I do not believe you would deserve the privileges of a civilized retaliation — much less so if you did this to a man’s son. I challenge any man to disagree with me on this one.

Who the hell is “Chelsea” Manning???????
Bradley Manning does not want a sex change. The “Chelsea” persona is not his creation. “Chelsea” is an evil twisted story sold to a gullible public by his captors.

Bradley Manning, a gay man, had the biggest balls in the military and the brass had to cut them off. Shame on everybody who was so happy to hear about a successful sex-change-made-possible and ignored the American hero’s individuality and ignored the obvious control of the media and ignored that he did not even have a fair trial.

Manning was locked up naked and cold for a year in solitary confinement. Why?
Manning was constantly watched in this state. Who?
Manning was sexually humiliated repeatedly until…. his hair grew long enough to parade him outside as a woman to a stupid gullible public. By the way, there is only 1 photograph out there of the “Chelsea” fabrication. No video…. yet. Any ideas why??? Hmmm??

Bradley Manning is being turned into a woman against his will as a sick punishment and an example. There is a movie about this sort of thing called Victim(2010) which leads the audience to believe the supposed “victim” is no victim at all and deserves this punishment — unlike Bradley Manning’s situation. How convenient.

1984 — the music
There is a deliberate typographical error in the title of this post. Does anybody know or understand why the Eurythmics titled their piece by creating one single concatenated word — i.e., sexcrime — as opposed to keeping the two words separate?


  1. ericfromnewyork says

    Umm. This post does not seem to have much of cohesive thread beyond the truism that evil, both systemic and ad hoc, often chooses to express itself against the deep and painful vulnerablilities of human sexuality.
    I’d also like to point out that female genital mutilation, in the main, is a thoroughly female affair. For insight into why this should be so, I direct you to your own speculation on the energy for anti-prostitution laws. (I don’t agree, by the way, but well argued.) The procedure does level the playing field quite a bit by removing many of the natural advantages youth has against age, experience, and custom.
    By the time I got to your thoughts about Pvt. Manning, you lost me completely. I am as paranoid as the next man (say, Robert Welch, Jr.), but I think Occam’s razor rules out your theory that the government made him nuts. His actions (crimes actually) occurred before any of his mistreatments took place. His actions were naive, foolish, fruitless, and pathologically grandiose. If actions like his are necessary (and maybe they are) then you need to be in a foreign country, with foreign friends, when you spring the trap – and your dirty list had better have something your own countrymen care about, not his pointless and boring “revelations.”
    BTW – just guessing, “sexcrime” (one word) is a very orwellian “Newspeak” construction, which is why, I think, they used it. “Unborn” and “unliving” are perfectly normal English words, but not as they are used in the song. In the song, they are “Newspeak,” taking the standard gramattical prefix “un” as it is used in that invented tongue. In standard English, “unliving” can not be used as an intransitive verb.

  2. c says

    “That is right, guys. A woman pulled her son’s balls off. ”

    Not according to the body of the article you link to.

  3. says

    I am glad to C you are on the ball!

    In other news….

    Boy, 16, suffers ruptured testicle after rough ‘pat down’ by police woman and now faces infertility

    I’d also like to point out that female genital mutilation, in the main, is a thoroughly female affair. For insight into why this should be so, I direct you to your own speculation on the energy for anti-prostitution laws.

    Thoroughly? I doubt it. In most of those cultures, the men are reputed to treat women like crap or worse.
    Regardless, the men are predominantly the culprits and I lay most of the blame on them. They are bad men to force that upon all of their women.

    … but I think Occam’s razor rules out your theory that the government made him nuts.

    That is not my theory. Forgive me for any misunderstanding.
    I do not believe Manning is nuts although, he might be by now. That is neither here nor there.
    I believe he is being forced into having a sex change.