Credit to Stephen Harper

I have, at times, been rather critical of Stephen Harper and the Conservative government. Their record has been spotty, even on economic matters (supposedly his area of wonk-y strength). However, under Harper, the Conservatives have remained consistently strong in one area, trade. The current deal (in principle) with the E.U. is no exception.

The trade deal is strong from top to bottom, almost. It will significantly increase access to the vast European market, and, better still, will allow Canadians the freedom to buy a lot more European goods. Unfortunately, there are a few drawbacks.

Canada had to concede to the repressive intellectual property regulations that Europe has on prescription drugs. This will actually hurt all Canadians, as individuals and provinces will, eventually, be spending more on drugs.

In addition to the IP issue, the trade deal reinforces Canada’s supply management system for dairy, eggs and poultry. Sure, the noose of supply management has been loosened a bit – allowing a little more European cheese into the Canadian market – but it’s still around our collective neck.

Mr. Harper’s government has appeared open, at times, to eliminating supply management. One can only hope that this trade deal isn’t indicative of continuing special privilege that certain farmers will receive. It might be the case that Mr. Harper is working incrementally towards the elimination of supply management, and the increased cheese quota is just a first step.

I have further thoughts on the trade deal at the Commons.


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    the trade deal reinforces Canada’s supply management system for dairy, eggs and poultry. Sure, the noose of supply management has been loosened a bit – allowing a little more European cheese into the Canadian market – but it’s still around our collective neck.

    Lets talk about this “noose” a bit more. Can you elaborate how our domestic dairy industry can be considered a noose?

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    The “noose” isn’t the domestic dairy industry. It’s supply management.

    I used “noose” in the sense that it is something that restricts the natural flow of the subject at hand (in this case, the market). There’s no doubt that supply management (and protectionism in general) restricts market flows.

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    I am with Eddie. I do not give Stephen Harper any credit at all.

    It is all smoke and mirrors. Expanding 2% imports to 4% is obviously nothing and a ruse.

    Every restriction in trade is a noose. The noose is the restriction of dairy imports. What more needs to be discussed?

  6. Greg Farries says

    > Every restriction in trade is a noose.

    Free trade is a illusion. It’s no secret that foreign governments often subsidize specific industries. Look no further than the US or European farm subsidies (or our own, for that matter).

    As a domestic business, do you want to complete with a foreign product that is being sold at a price point that is LOWER than the cost of production?

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    I am not a domestic business. I am a tax-payer who likes eating more than just cowboy cheese.

    I have no vested interest in controlling international trade. I would rather not subsidize anybody else’s business but my own and cheddar, cheddar and more cheddar is not going to cut it.

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    If you’re referring to the dairy industry, they get little or no direct subsidies. They are however, protected from highly subsidized foreign dairy operations.

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    Protection is a subsidy.
    My taxes, your taxes and everybody else’s inflated currency goes directly to enforce the protection.

    I have no problem with protection rackets, per se, as long as they are funded by the racketeers’ own money. Unfortunately, that is not how things operate in our Western economy.

  10. says

    So you would be OK with marketing boards, so long as the producers pay for the regulations and for the internal management? I’m sure most producers would have no problem with that arrangement.

    However, I’ll remind you that your tax dollars already go towards big expensive trade junkets to foreign countries to drum up “free” trade agreements with governments whose industries are subsidized to the hilt.

    Not to mention, that once you do through open the industry to complete on an uneven international playing field, the second that industry gets into trouble they come begging for, and often get, a massive bail out.

    If we’re talking about cows, compare the stability of the dairy industry to the beef industry.

  11. says

    Sure, I would be OK with marketing boards so long as not a single tax-dollar went to protect them either.

    I do not care about stability in their businesses. None of that is my concern nor should it be the concern of most tax-payers.

    It is well within our means to get all of the raw milk, free range, grain fed DELICIOUS and HEALTHY food we want only a drive away.

    However, there are nooses preventing us from doing so where I live.