The art of distortion — abortion in El Slavador

I am getting tired of hearing abortionists blame churches for everything.

The pro-abortionists are petitioning the Pope so that a woman can get an abortion. Uh…. hello??
Saying that her right to life is being denied is hysterical and a distortion of reality.

I do not mean to dismiss the dismal plight of Beatriz but it seems the pro-abortionists who want to help Beatriz are clearly lazy. Can any of them put their money (or brains) where their mouth is?

How difficult and expensive would it be for all of the abortionists to pass a hat around, collect money and send this woman out of the country for 9 months? I just pulled that idea out of my own hat right now — despite the fact that I think abortion is abhorrent. I can not possibly be the first person to suggest that, can I?