Are conservatives intellectually incurious?

April 14, 2012 · By

Over at one of my other blogging haunts, The League of Ordinary Gentlemen, blogger Jaybird has an interesting post on The Talk – the discussion that African American parents have with their kids about, well, surviving the often racist outside world:

So I asked an African-American friend at work if he got The Talk and, after clarifying “which talk are you talking about?”, he answered “Oh Yeah.” …

I realized that I didn’t know what was in the talk. I mean, I had heard such things as African-Americans being told “you’ve got to work twice as hard” but never in the context of an entire “here’s how the world works” speech. So I asked Parker “can I ask you what was in The Talk?” and he told me I could… so we set some time aside and I was able to ask. “What was in The Talk?”

Generally, I consider seeking the insights of others – especially those who have more experience with a subject than I – useful. Someone who has grown up with a certain degree of white privilege are not going to be able to fully understand the experience of being  a black person. Talking, discussion, curiosity, greater understanding – these are good things.

Or maybe not. Enter Five Feet of Hate‘s Kathy Shaidle:

I read the League every day, to try to keep up with the ever changing “principles” of the over-educated, helmet-wearing, “moderate” American beta male, and wonder at their ability to talk like they do, with presumably straight faces.

While you guys at the League are at “work” — which seems to involve a lot of talking about non-work topics, and “walking around the building” — your wives and girlfriends are masturbatingwith a book about a rich bastard who spanks them silly and doesn’t talk about semiotics and paradigms all day. I bet he doesn’t even recycle.

Five Feet of Fury is in our blogroll. Does anybody read it and enjoy it? Do you agree with this feeble-minded crap? Would you ever want to be involved with a woman anything like Shaidle?

I’m just wondering. I know she’s A Pretty Big Deal in the conservative blogosphere. Is she actually representative of conservative culture?

Dear God, I hope not.

Update: Ms. Shaidle kindly responds. It was nice to read that I had made her day.


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  1. balbulican on April 14th, 2012 7:22 am [#]

    Ms. Shaidle is an intelligent, deeply troubled and very angry person with a facility for language. She previously earned her living writing product descriptions for a Shopping Channel, where the summit of her career was a hilariously gushy profile of Ivana Trump. She now summarizes and regurgitates weekly right wing talk radio “highlights” for the birther website “World Net Daily”, a process that evokes that cinematic masterpiece “Two Girls, One Cup”.

    Shaidle appears to attract conservatives who believe there is something “courageous” about giving vent to the bleats of rage most of us learn to control around grade two. She refers to herself as a “polemicist”, which is a much more marketable niche than “racist hatemonger”.

    Unfortunately, after you’ve peeled away the layers wordplay and bad thinking, there’s nothing left. In all the years I’ve been reading her (yes, I know, but the snake house is always the most popular attraction at any zoo), I’ve read two articles that actually contained interesting thought. She cheerfully acknowledges that she has no consistent principles, no ideas, no political program – just a lot of hate for folks not like her that she wants you to share.

  2. Lorne Russell on April 14th, 2012 7:59 am [#]

    Balbulican you obviously have no sense of humor. Kathy’s post is quite funny. But I suppose when she is making fun of pretentious, self absorbed toff’s like yourself, I can see why.

  3. old white guy on April 14th, 2012 8:41 am [#]

    insulting sort aren’t you.

  4. Alex on April 14th, 2012 10:44 am [#]

    Know your foe. We know you.

    How typical of you to think we don’t like prog ideas because we are just ignorant of them.

    Question your own mind first.

  5. Y on April 14th, 2012 11:21 am [#]

    “the over-educated, helmet-wearing, “moderate” American beta male,…you guys at the League are at “work” — which seems to involve a lot of talking about non-work topics, and “walking around the building”

    Actually I haven’t read Shaidle but after reading this quote I think I may be a regular reader.

    I am in the trades. It has taken me several years to attain a recognized level of expertise in my trade.
    When I read the papers or news magazines what do I read?

    I read phrases and references like “If I wanted to do this— (INVARIABLY something unpleasant or an activity that reqires no great thought) —I (the writer) would have become a plumber”.

    Taken in context or isolation it is clear the witer holds blue collar workers in low esteem. Now those who agree with this blog will try to dismiss such a remark as that of a single rude individual.

    That is simply not the case. This attitude is everywhere in popular culture and media.

    I cannot count the number of times I heard the phrase “Talk around the water cooler”. The concept that many individuals who are every bit as important, informed and clever or more so than the writer do not work in areas where water coolers are prevalent.

    It may come as a shock to you “guys at the League” but many of us work at jobs where puttering around the building is generally frowned upon. We… y’know …work?

    I have worked for many individuals who are in the “League”. They are insufferably elitist and certain that they are more informed, educated, intelligent, insightful and compassionate than anyone who is not a part of their subculture.

    Every day I ride the bus to work. Everyday two well dressed men ride as well. One is middle aged and one is just under middle age. I often over hear their conversations. I have gathered over 2 years that they both work for a major newspaper. They are without a doubt the two most insipid, self important self absorbed individuals it has ever been my misfortune to encounter.

    Several times riding this bus I have been standing while they sit gossiping and playing with their handhelds.

    The incident is always the same. Over the next three stops a number of elderly people with a canes & walkers get on. The other passengers dutifully give up their seats. These assholes continue to sit even while the elderly stand. Most of the time they carefully pretend not to notice. Once, another passenger asked them to get up and relinquish their seats. One of the men mumbled something about a bad back and went back to playing his video game. I requested they give up their seat couple of times. They turned away and pretended thery didn’t hear. Another passenger, (a woman) who I took to be a blue collar worker by the way she was dressed standing near by shook her head sadly and muttered to me “Forget it.”.

    Now, when you go back to the “water cooler” and gossip maybe you could relay this story. —- NO?—- Didn’ think so.

  6. Jaybird on April 14th, 2012 12:14 pm [#]

    I told your story at the water cooler. We all agreed that the city should raise taxes in order to provide more buses, more routes, and definitely MORE OPEN SEATS. Everyone was definitely in agreement that we needed national legislation to address this important issue you’ve raised.

  7. CH on April 14th, 2012 12:18 pm [#]

    It was only after reading Kathy’s site that I had even HEARD of you.( I just linked to you now.)
    I would have fun belittling you and then intimidating you for speaking ill of Kathy if this was a bar….but it’s not. So I guess I will just have to settle for telling you that you are a wussy, fey, beta and that in a real world you would neither get the sandwhich or the girl. Kathy writes how real people think………….you ……goof.

  8. balbulican on April 14th, 2012 12:28 pm [#]

    Lorne: Nah, I’ve got a pretty good sense of humour. (Ask our host here). Good enough to distinguish between wit and pure malice. One of Shaidle’s pet defenses is the claim that her intent is “humorous”. When she invoked the idea of smallpox infected blankets as a way of ridding the world of with Aboriginal activists who annoyed her, she defended her comments as “humour”. I wanted to ask her whether she would view a joke about sending a tin of Zyklon B to Ezra Levant equally funny, but as well as being hateful, she’s a coward who doesn’t allow comments on her site.

    Alex: I have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m talking about “Shaidle”, an individual – I don’t know who you’re referring to when you say “we”.

  9. balbulican on April 14th, 2012 12:33 pm [#]

    CH, dear fellow, please understand I’m delighted that you’ve found someone who speaks for your innermost soul. She needs the income, and you clearly need the stimulation.

  10. The Phantom on April 14th, 2012 12:41 pm [#]

    “Five Feet of Fury is in our blogroll. Does anybody read it and enjoy it? Do you agree with this feeble-minded crap? Would you ever want to be involved with a woman anything like Shaidle?”

    1) Yes, I do. Daily.
    2) Yes, I usually do. And since I do I might suggest your characterization is overly emotional and not very well considered. I might, if I thought there were the faintest hope you’d heed me.
    3) Yes, I would. By preference I deal with people who can read, count and who can tell sh1t from shinola. She does all three quite well. She’s also somebody its good to have on your side. You are learning the reverse lesson today.

    “I’m just wondering. I know she’s A Pretty Big Deal in the conservative blogosphere. Is she actually representative of conservative culture?”

    No. She isn’t representative of “conservative culture”. She’s CREATING conservative culture. She’s writing it. Canada is moving the direction Kathy and the rest of us smaller-government types are pushing it, she’s right out in front taking all the bullshit from the likes of you and using it as fuel.

    She’s also eating your lunch. The pop you got on your hit counter today is people like me coming from Kathy’s blog. Send her a thank you, if you have any honor.

  11. balbicunt on April 14th, 2012 12:47 pm [#]

    Ye, oh goodness gracious me, my dear fellow,

    oh bless my ten little toes. Tee hee hee why oh my dear I believe I have giggled so vigourously I may very well have tinkled in my tousers again.

    Let me educate you my ever so deluded dear reader. I, a wonderfully educated member of the media am just so much more capable of nuanced thinking then yourself. And if you don’t believe me I will cry and flip my wrist at you.

    Do you notiuce that when I feel threatened and have no idea how to respond to an enemy I engage in foppish and overly effete phrases in a weak attempt to ridicule.

    You see my dear, gentle huggykins I am exactly the type weak beta male that Shaidle so eloquently described

  12. Youngish White Guy on April 14th, 2012 1:20 pm [#]

    Apart from longing to be a butt-plug for Nick DiPaolo and Adam Carolla; from fluffing her loser hubbie’s blog; from telling us ad nauseum that attending university is a waste of time (until she needs to consult a doctor for her raging hormone imbalance or a lawyer for getting her sorry ass sued); apart from the ritualistic Steyn fellating and gargling about how the first thing she ever wrote was nominated for Canada’s highest literary award (see, the problem with “Lobotomy Magnifcat” was not that Kathy wrote it, but that she never actually got the procedure); apart from the mystery of having swung violently from a pile of leftie squish who supported the Berrigan brothers to the shrieking, rageaholic she is today (massive steroids?); apart from pining for “real men” who swing hammers and get in fistfights (clearly not Arnie), let us assume Five Feet of Anal Cyst has something worthwhile to say. So, a little exercise follows, and, gentle reader, keep an open mind. Ask yourself, “How much of this is ‘humour’ or ‘polemics’ or ‘mental jabs’ or ‘satire?’ as opposed to pure, weapons-grade, spittle-flecked, bleating hate?”

    So, let’s look at KS’s deep thoughts:

    On Islam: “…your religion is fucking retarded…ungrateful belligerent foreign savages…These are people who love watching beheading videos on the internet…A sick, sick religion. Basically Scientology with bombs. Pathetic whiny losers.”

    On Muslim and Pakistani immigrants: “Most of them can’t even read…What we really need to do is stop immigration from Pakistan and other crazy Muslim countries filled with illiterate, violent tribal peasants…”

    On Muslim children: they are “parasites.”

    On a group of Muslim students who object to some statements by Mark Steyn: they are “motherfucking parasites.”

    On Indians: they are “parasites” who “extorted tax dollars [for] booze, smokes and junk food. Not to mention free everything else, including university educations they don’t bother getting.” And “at least they use all of the welfare cheque” for big screen TVs and sundries. Don’t forget not being to able a small pox-infested blanket when you need one.

    On blacks: “…there is nothing ‘compelling’ about a black man impregnating a white woman. In more than one Toronto neighbourhood, that’s what they call Saturday night.”

    On Jamaicans: “Just think of how much Jamaican immigrants contribute to our culture and economy: monotonous, illiterate music that all sounds the same, filthy hairstyles, those little tricoloured Rasta doohickies.”

    On the blacks of New Orleans: they are “pathetic losers” who cannot have their IQs raised “a single point.”

    On AIDS: “From the beginning, AIDS activism has been more about mainstreaming the gay “lifestyle” than saving lives.”

    On Sikhs: “Backward foreigners [who] shit on hand that feeds them…Unable to invent their own iconic product due to too much time spent worshipping monkeys and cows, setting women on fire and obsessing over imperceptible differences in each other’s skin colour…”

    On blind people: “Giving blind people real jobs…is not working out.”

    On Chinese: “[They are] spitting and shooting snot on the sidewalk…throwing broken crates of rotten bock choy all over Spadina Avenue [and] eating dubious, illegal foodstuffs” [and cause SARS.]

    On those who voted for Obama: “They are black, stupid or both.”

    On the poor: They “are no more real than Bigfoot.”

    On Italians: All that “Italian heritage stuff takes its toll: the obscene Romulus and Remus statuaries; the “douchebag yellow” Camaros; the chocolate sandwiches; the brainless Liberal Party loyalty; the spooky black-clad widows with the posture of jumbo shrimp; and the earsplitting horn-honking and traitorous foreign-flag-waving during World Cups.”

    On the guidance counsellors who tried to help her: “If they were so smart, how come they were guidance counsellors?

    And finally, on her own parents: “If they were so good with money, how come they didn’t have any?”

    Just puttin’ it out there…

  13. Jonathan McLeod on April 14th, 2012 1:36 pm [#]

    Thanks, everyone. I have quite enjoyed this thread and the writings of each and everyone (even if I don’t quite understand to whom each of you are addressing).

    Have a great weekend!

  14. Youngishwhiteguylivinginhismom'sbasement on April 14th, 2012 2:00 pm [#]

    “So, a little exercise follows, and, gentle reader,”

    Oh yes gentle reader may I engage in the same candy assed mincing that ball-lesscan so gayley engages in. Tee hee I’m such impy poo. What you sillies don’t know is that Youngish white guy isn’t so “youngish” at all.

    (Giggle) Oh you goofys. I’m about 40. I work a job that leaves my hands ever so soft (cuz I moisturize regulary). I’m sort of tiffy & pissy because I really don’t have any actual skills or talents and so I try to compensate for this by engaging in liberal hatred toward anyone with any sort of traditional values or ethics.

    Now, don’t you meanies attack me or I’ll get real unpleasant with you and as you all know when the going gets tough the tough metrosexual calls his lawyer.

  15. balbulican on April 14th, 2012 2:51 pm [#]

    Jonathan, you’ve just been blessed by an excellent sample of the Shaidle readership, and the level of wit and insight she inspires (and achieves). I really couldn’t have brought it home better than her own fans did.

    In the spirit of of a biologist researching stool samples, you may want to take in some of her greatest hits. I suggest as a starting point her hilarious essay on how stupid most of her readers are, and how much she wishes the conservative males who swoon over her actually had a cultural clue.

    Cheers, and thanks for the best laugh of the month.

  16. john on April 14th, 2012 3:19 pm [#]

    It would seem that balbican and Youngish are the ones without a sense of humour here. I haven’t read Shaidle’s blog but I am aware of it. (You can’t read every blog around. There isn’t enough time in the day).

    But certainly suspect a blog with wide readership like hers has had it’s quotes taken out of context. Many of Shaidle’s comments are outrageous and in bad taste but I really don’t care.

    Assholes like Youngish and Balb never criticize editorialists like Bill Maher for example who can be every bit as distasteful.

    As far as the two postings above that ridicule Balb & youngish are obviously over the top outrageous humour. But they make a point.

    Liberals like Balb & Youngish love to present themselves as lofty intellectuals even though there is really nothing in their postings that supports such a claim. So in absence of any true exhibition of intellectual arguement they engage in overly colourful
    rhetoric to make themselves sound sophisticated.

    The funny fact is that even though they desperately attempt to cloak themselves in a contrived intellectucal facade their carefully designed image takes a beating when they make it obvious they can’t even identify a joke (or take one for that matter).

    Run along now ball lesscan :D run back to your newspaper or TV studio or whatever mainstream media hole you plop your fat ass in and STFU. You are proof of the left wing bias in the media.

  17. john on April 14th, 2012 3:39 pm [#]

    Actually balbican I see you have now subtley changed the tone and language of your posting after being ridiculed. I guess that poster hit the mark. Go ahead reply, with some lofty sneering. You’re in the lamestream media. You self appointed elitist dicks dish it out but absolutely can’t take it.

  18. balbulican on April 14th, 2012 3:52 pm [#]

    “I haven’t read Shaidle’s blog but I am aware of it. ”

    I love it. You guys really DO mock yourselves more effectively than your critics ever could.

  19. balbulican on April 14th, 2012 3:54 pm [#]

    “You self appointed elitist dicks dish it out but absolutely can’t take it.”

    You’re in – what, John? Grade 3? “elitist dicks”? Good grief. No wonder Shaidle’s embarrassed by her fans.

    As for bloggers who “can’t take it”…sonny, the sites I post to allow comments. Shaidle’s too gutless.

  20. john on April 14th, 2012 4:31 pm [#]

    “I haven’t read Shaidle’s blog but I am aware of it. ”

    I love it. You guys really DO mock yourselves”

    No, I don’t mock myself. I just have a life. Maybe you have heard about it? Working – performing a USEFUL SERVICE as opposed to being a lamestream media asshole who sits around sneering at other people never doing anything valuable themselves.

    I have a wife & child I love and love to spend time with. I have friends, activities, a hobby I enjoy, — a life. — (unlike YOU apparently). In short, I’m one of those regular people that you lamestream media ELITIST DICKS love to believe you are so superior to.

    I read the blogs on occasion but I don’t read every single one. I read enough conservative blogs to be aware of Shaidle but I’m not curious enough about her opinions to take the time to follow her blog carefully.

    Unlike you I’m not a hypersensitive fanatic who has time to waste poring over every blog on the internet. Only complete losers (LIKE YOU) waste THAT much time.

    As far as dishing it out but not taking it? Your actions on this blog in this thread are proof enough of that trait without ever needing to refer to Shaidle’s site.

    I love how you tried to deflect what I was saying off onto Shaidle. I wan’t referring to Shaidle not being able to take it. I was obviously referring to you, you stupid prick. Nice try though.

  21. balbulican on April 14th, 2012 5:57 pm [#]

    “No, I don’t mock myself. I just have a life.”

    Trying to drag this back to something resembling a discussion, let me elaborate. You leaped in to defend Shaidle, having acknowledged that you haven’t read her blog. So you’re simply a tribalist: your view may be expressed as “Our Team Rocks, Your Team Sucks, Yay Shaidle Cuz She’s One of Us”.

    Well, okay. I myself read blogs before jumping all over their critics, but that’s not what tribalists are about. I get that.

    “Working – performing a USEFUL SERVICE as opposed to being a lamestream media asshole who sits around sneering at other people never doing anything valuable themselves.”

    Golly, I’m sure that would be a devastating comment if addressed to some “lamestream media asshole who sits around sneering at other people never doing anything valuable themselves”. Not sure who you’re talking about, since I’m a private sector entrepreneur and SCUBA instructor who derives most of his income these days from his real estate holdings. But hey, DO save that really impressive riposte for the day when you actually run into some “lamestream media asshole who sits around sneering at other people never doing anything valuable”. I’m sure they’ll just be, like, totally shattered.

    ‘I have a wife & child I love and love to spend time with. I have friends, activities, a hobby I enjoy, — a life. — (unlike YOU apparently). In short, I’m one of those regular people that you lamestream media ELITIST DICKS love to believe you are so superior to.”

    That’s just awesome. I have a wife, a son, a granddaughter, four companies, a Celtic band I lead, a book I’m readying for publication, two volunteer organizations whose boards I serve on, two commercial properties I manage, a dive shop where I train new divers,and a blog I write for. I’m glad we’re both busy.

    “As for dishing it out without taking it…. ”

    Look, little fella, you’re probably a perfectly nice guy, if not too swift. I will engage in discussion. Shaidle doesn’t. She exists within a hermetically sealed bubble of fellow ideologues because, frankly, she’s a coward who has been made to look like an idiot too often when she ventures out into an open forum, and she’s smart enough not to do that any more. It’s the right decision.

  22. The Phantom on April 14th, 2012 6:50 pm [#]

    Johnathon said: “(even if I don’t quite understand to whom each of you are addressing).”

    Dude, come on. Talking to -you-, obviously. If I wanted to talk to Boblobican or the youngish moron I’d quote them, don’t you think?

    You send Kathy a thank-you yet for the free traffic?

  23. black mamba on April 14th, 2012 8:15 pm [#]

    Balbulican, I would guess that Shaidle doesn’t allow comments because she doesn’t want to deal with scatalogical (and misogynistic, but that’s par for the course) abuse like that offered up by “Youngish White Guy”, or ponderous droning of the kind you provide in such quantity. She doesn’t care what you think. Deal with it.

    I read her every day. She’s brilliant, funny, and she has courage. I adore her. If I wanted to read some coward who toed the party line I could visit any number of boring, tedious, prissy, interchangeable, forgettable, badly-written, low-traffic websites. As it happens I have other outlets for my masochism.

  24. john on April 14th, 2012 8:51 pm [#]

    —-“You leaped in to defend Shaidle’ Wrong. I didn’t “leap in”. This blog is open to comments. I made one.

    Defend Shaidle? — I suppose slightly. I’m really not interested in shaidle. I don’t visit her blog. I don’t really care. It sounds like she can more than take care of herself.

    However, in referring to “over-educated, helmet-wearing, “moderate” American beta males” she is nailing dead on a group which I despise so I thought I would get my thoughts in as well.

    I have nothing but loathing for the types she has described , overly comfortable, well-to-do urban latte lefties who are eager to tell EVERYONE ELSE what sacrifices to make to save the world and how white, english speaking, judeo-christian, heterosexual male, north americans are the root of all evil.

    Now, I have said I don’t visit the blogs very often but I am sure I heard you refer to yourself once as a producer of TV or something else in the media. Maybe I’m wrong about you personally. I certainly must allow that.

    None the less, I stand by my description of people in the media.

    You seem to have a real hate on for Shaidle……ok ….. whatever.

    But I’d like to remind you simply because she has a blog doesn’t mean she must allow your comments. You have the right to free speech but nobody is obligated to provide you with a soapbox to stand on.
    You are free to respond through other means and venues as you have here. So quit bitching and believing you are so entitled.

    If her practice of not allowing comments directly on her blog is a cowardly act then I would put to you that basically every newspaper columnist or TV opinion journalist is an equal coward since readers are unable to reply directly and immediately on the exact venue where the opinion was presented.

  25. Fenris Badwulf on April 14th, 2012 9:21 pm [#]

    When you open your mouth and call Kathy’s blog ‘Five Feet of Hate’ you are committing character assassination. Typical of a certain sort of mind.

    I hope one day to make your acquaintance, Jonathan McLeod.

  26. happy infidel on April 14th, 2012 10:31 pm [#]

    Weapons grade, spittle-flecked.. Sound s like your previous paragraph, a—hole. Your diatribe sounds familiar, I think we all know who you are . Hateful worm.

  27. Jaybird on April 14th, 2012 11:30 pm [#]

    One would think that one acquainted with the ugliest attacks of misogyny would understand that misandry ought to be avoided as well.

  28. CH on April 15th, 2012 3:36 am [#]

    I have been checking back all day to see who else has come to pick apart this foolishness. I am pleased to see Fenris has joined the fun too.
    I am curious to know exactly why this blog is important enough to have such illustrious pundits care enough to respond. I have only ever linked here through Kathy so I am confused… this a popular blog? Who gets more traffic? If five feet of fury gets more traffic than you goofballs maybe you should wonder why that is so.
    Also, re: Kathy’s alleged “racism” as pointed out by youngish white guy;
    -Why is it terrible to sugest we give smallpox blankets to Aboriginal extortionists? Serious, I’m asking. Seeing as no historian has ever provided any evidence of the smallpox blanket myth and the only academic that I can think of who has ever even mentioned the myth in a university publication is Ward Churchill (Goof!) Why then is that comment on an event that never happened racist? Serious. Provide any evidence to the contrary and I will consider it…but none is there.
    – Do you have any facts to prove that Jamaican immigrants have NOT been a burden on Canadian society re: Their criminal culture, dislike of work and tendency toward violence? Do you then deny the violence and criminality in Jamaica herself? Facts please, not “feelings”….(I’m from Alberta) Does transportation to Canada erase previous culture? Does mere geography determine culture? Are you suggesting that we can take an illiterate, backward, violent person and transform his/her behavior merely by changing their geographical location from where they were previously and bringing them to Canada?
    -Kathy’s comments on Islam. What is it that YOU wish to defend about the religion of Islam specifically. (The real Islam mind you, not the mythical one that lefty’s rhapsodize about. I speak Arabic and studied in Cairo…please enlighten me about the tolerence in the Arabic/Muslim world…….please….anything.) Serious. Tell us all about anything positive at all that has come out of the middle east other than Israel in the last 100 years. Any example will do.
    -Sikhs. Please name me any contribution to Canada provided by Sikhs. Details would be appreciated.
    -Aids. Can you provide any evidence contrary to Kathy’s comment that the AIDS industry is NOT mainstreaming the gay lifestyle?
    -As for the comment about Kathy and Nick Di Paolo……don’t talk like that or one day you may have to back it up. Can you? I can.

  29. balbulican on April 15th, 2012 6:55 am [#]

    Black Mamba: Yes, I quite understand that it’s much more enjoyable to spew hatred if you don’t have to deal with the response. Seems to be a bit of a trademark on that side of the fence.

    John: I worked full time in video production in the seventies and eighties, and continue to write and narrate films on diving. Never worked for a “lamestream media” outlet, so unless your loathing extends to everyone who ever built a set, mixed a soundtrack or recorded a voice over, you’re not talking about me.

    CH: So you WOULD find jokes about silencing Ezra with Zyklon B to be amusing? Oh, yes, I forgot that hilarious gag with fake holocaust tattoo.

  30. Something's Rudden in dem words on April 15th, 2012 7:25 am [#]

    Well this is something. A discussion on Kathy Shaidle turns into bleating by Balbulican on how great he is.

    Say Terry, what exactly do you do at Consilium Consulting in Ottawa?

  31. balbulican on April 15th, 2012 7:27 am [#]

    Just for fun, let’s return to the original questions raised by Jonathan and see how close to answering them we’ve come.

    1) Does anybody read it and enjoy Five Feet of Fury?

    Clearly, yes. Several respondents have commented disparagingly about the relatively modest readership of this blog and that of Five Feet. It must be remembered, of course, that McDonalds attracts more diners that L’Arpège.

    2) Do you agree with this feeble-minded crap?

    Obviously many do. The attraction of a site like Five Feet, which does not allow comments, is not the usual exchange of views and opinions, but simply the opportunity to have one’s biases reaffirmed. It is lazy and cowardly, as I noted above, but essential, since the point isn’t to explore ideas but simply to propagandize.

    Shaidle is not unintelligent, but she doesn’t think very well; her pose is all about the elevation of childish emotion (her fear of “others”, her rage at others’ educational or professional achievements) to a political stance. It’s not “feeble-minded”, as you put it: it’s more like “primitive-minded”.

    3) Would you ever want to be involved with a woman anything like Shaidle?


    4) Is she actually representative of conservative culture?

    As one commenter noted above, she’s representative of one dimension of contemporary conservative culture. Be comforted: they occupy a little playpen, a sealed and surly universe of hysterical blogs (and of course, Sun “News”) wherein they play at punditry and solemnly assure each other of their own significance. That’s all.

  32. balbulican on April 15th, 2012 7:28 am [#]

    Heh. And so it begins. You guys really can’t function without a threat, can you?

  33. black mamba on April 15th, 2012 10:13 am [#]

    “It must be remembered, of course, that McDonalds attracts more diners that L’Arpège.”

    Well ooh la la and sacry blue! And you’re, what, the sily snooty maitre d’ from central casting?

    I read Shaidle’s blog for Shaidle. I don’t read it for pretentious politically correct amateur psychologists. I don’t know where you got the idea, on which you seem very hung up BTW, that a blogger is obliged to provide a forum for you to pontificate, but it just ain’t so.

    On the other hand, you do provide some entertainment:

    “Shaidle is not unintelligent, but she doesn’t think very well; her pose is all about the elevation of childish emotion (her fear of “others”, her rage at others’ educational or professional achievements) to a political stance. It’s not “feeble-minded”, as you put it: it’s more like “primitive-minded”.”

  34. balbulican on April 15th, 2012 10:24 am [#]

    Mamba: I agree that bloggers call the shots on their sites, absolutely. I guess my point is that Shaidle is an essayist, not a blogger. To me, the interaction between poster and comments is the essence of blogging, not a disposable feature. Other fairly radical right wing bloggers like SDA seem to survive the dialogue.

  35. Werner Patels on April 15th, 2012 12:34 pm [#]

    What is conservative, and what is reflective of conservatism in this country?

    There’s no clear answer, but suffice to say that it increasingly means speaking from a position of common sense, i.e., rejecting the usual garbage we are fed by the mainstream media and liberal elites. It also increasingly means thinking for yourself, which is precisely what the aforementioned groups don’t want people to do.

    It has therefore very little to do with “conserving” old traditions and ways. It’s actually become a very progressive (in the actual sense of the word, as opposed to socialist/communist, which is how lefties use the word) ideology: think for yourself, seek solutions, and cut through all the BS we see in the media and from politicians.

  36. CH on April 15th, 2012 4:36 pm [#]

    Balbulican: Jews WERE killed by Zyclon B. NO Indians were killed by smallpox blankets in Canada and it most probable that none were killed in the USA this way either, please, if you have any primary sources that say otherwise I would love to be corrected.
    You have not answered my questions. Instead you assumed that I find holocaust jokes amusing. (I’m a Jew so I don’t….but try one on me someday…maybe I’ll humour you for a while…..maybe I won’t) But I don’t mind jokes about non existent historical events because, well, they didn’t happen.
    I am still waiting for your scathing retorts to my questions on the contributions to Canada of the above mentioned groups. Surely an urban, elite like yourself with (obviously!) a superior education and morality to mine will be able to destroy my assumptions on this topic and show me to the light….unless your one of those people that doesn’t actually believe this stuff and just regurgitates it to be “correct”.

  37. Terry is Rudden on April 15th, 2012 4:55 pm [#]

    I say Terry, um Balbulican, Consilium Consulting appears to be whitey-heavy. Where’s the progressiveness? Where’s the diversity? No apparent transgendered employees, none of the two-spirited variety, and definitely ageist with only a single smelly old hippie on board.

    Hey wait a minute, that’s you! And you have a birthday coming up. Happy birthday old fart. Keep sniffin’ around the Federal government for those Indian dollars you old entrepreneur.

  38. balbulican on April 16th, 2012 9:53 am [#]

    Jonathan, remember you once invited to join a website under my own name?

    I explained to you that while I’m pseudonymous rather than anonymous (I’ve published my own identify several times), there were serious assholes out there – inevitably conservative wingnuts – who had on occasion called my office, bullied and frightened my staff, published my home address, and sent insulting emails to my clients, because they didn’t like what “balbulican” had written.

    Some folks just don’t understand that line.

  39. balbulican on April 16th, 2012 10:29 am [#]

    CH: you’re being reasonably civil here, so let me try to respond in a similar tone.

    On the smallpox blankets, the mass killings postulated by Ward Churchill never happened, and yes, Churchill is a hysterical ideologue. However, most scholars accept the following (abridged from the following source:

    “Lord Jeffrey Amherst was commander of British forces in North America during the French and Indian War (1756-’63). The following exchange between Amherst and a subordinate took place during Pontiac’s Rebellion, which broke out after the war, in 1763.

    Forces led by Pontiac, a chief of the Ottawa who had been allied with the French, laid siege to the English at Fort Pitt.According to historian Francis Parkman, Amherst first raised the possibility of giving the Indians infected blankets in a letter to Colonel Henry Bouquet, who would lead reinforcements to Fort Pitt. No copy of this letter has come to light, but we do know that Bouquet discussed the matter in a postscript to a letter to Amherst on July 13, 1763:

    “P.S. I will try to inocculate the Indians by means of Blankets that may fall in their hands, taking care however not to get the disease myself. As it is pity to oppose good men against them, I wish we could make use of the Spaniard’s Method, and hunt them with English Dogs. Supported by Rangers, and some Light Horse, who would I think effectively extirpate or remove that Vermine.”

    On July 16 Amherst replied, also in a postscript:

    “P.S. You will Do well to try to Innoculate the Indians by means of Blanketts, as well as to try Every other method that can serve to Extirpate this Execrable Race. I should be very glad your Scheme for Hunting them Down by Dogs could take Effect, but England is at too great a Distance to think of that at present.”

    On July 26 Bouquet wrote back:

    “I received yesterday your Excellency’s letters of 16th with their Inclosures. The signal for Indian Messengers, and all your directions will be observed.”

    There is no physical evidence that Col. Bouquet actually acted on Amherst’s letter. However, during a subsequent Indian siege at Fort Pitt, Captain Simeon Ecuyer did. William Trent, commander of the local militia of the townspeople of Pittsburgh during Pontiac’s siege of the fort, wrote in his journal on May 24, 1763:

    “… we gave them two Blankets and an Handkerchief out of the Small Pox Hospital. I hope it will have the desired effect.”


    Inarguable? No. But that’s not actually the point.

    The post by Shaidle that inspired my digging included the following statement to a First Nations activist: ” Nothing personal, Rachel, but I want you dead. Too bad those “smallpox blankets” were a hoax”.

    I don’t find that funny. I found it vile. Regarding your comment on Zyklon B – I would be just as sickened by a “joke” about Ezra as a bar of soap. The slaughter of Jews in the Holocaust was real, and a dark night of the human spirit, not a fit subject for blogger’s putdowns. So, in my opinion, was the slaughter of Aboriginal peoples as a matter of state policy. If smallpox blankets or bars of human soap aren’t historically proven, the bigger horror is.

    I’m not trying to be argumentative here: I’m trying to talk about a principle.

  40. CH on April 16th, 2012 6:36 pm [#]

    I shall read these. Kathy is still hillarious….and correct in most all things she writes.

  41. The Phantom on April 16th, 2012 10:14 pm [#]

    Boblobican said: “I explained to you that while I’m pseudonymous rather than anonymous (I’ve published my own identify several times), there were serious assholes out there – inevitably conservative wingnuts – who had on occasion called my office, bullied and frightened my staff, published my home address, and sent insulting emails to my clients, because they didn’t like what “balbulican” had written.”

    Which only goes to show that Kathy Shaidle has much bigger stones than you do.

    Its funny Blobby, I’ve had the exact same experience with “serious assholes” from -your- side of the aisle. All anyone has to do is say the words “smaller government” in a sentence and y’all go into a “spittle flecked” frenzy. Anyone would think you had money on the line or something.

    How you liking that Conservative majority by the way? Gun registry dead, layoffs coming in the mandarinate, even some Generals in the Canadian Forces looking at the metaphorical headsman’s axe. Hell, even Dalton McSpendy is looking for some major cutbacks these days. Things are looking up a tiny wee bit.

  42. balbulican on April 17th, 2012 5:00 am [#]

    “Which only goes to show that Kathy Shaidle has much bigger stones than you do.”

    Huh? I blog for fun, and anyone who really cares to can figure out who I am with a thirty second google search. Kathy makes her living peddling hate to rage junkies under her own brand.

    “Its funny Blobby, I’ve had the exact same experience with “serious assholes” from -your- side of the aisle.”

    Sucks, doesn’t it?

    “How you liking that Conservative majority by the way?”

    Heh. Well, from a business perspective, it’s working out just fine for us: and of course, cutbacks in government staff mean tons more work for consultants. Looks like my wife is going to lose her job (she’s a scientist working for a regulatory branch), but we’re within a couple of year of retirement anyway. And yes, with the recent string of conservative faux pas, I believe things ARE looking up a tiney wee bit.

  43. balbulican on April 17th, 2012 8:20 am [#]

    “Kathy is still hillarious.”

    She can be. I find her funniest (and I find her writing strongest) when she steps away from her usual crowd-pleasing shtick, which frankly is getting pretty formulaic, and writes against type, usually on cultural matters. I think bottomless rage makes for good poetry (I quite liked Lobotomy Magnificat), but shrill and tedious punditry. De gustibus, etc.

  44. RD on April 17th, 2012 12:15 pm [#]

    Jonathan, what have you done lol?

    Balbulican, don’t you fatigue from this? It requires actual effort to be thoughtful and profound where as the knee jerk anger filled responses flow through the keyboard so effortlessly.

    I don’t know why you fight this fight. You’ll never gain an inch.

    Best of luck all the same.

  45. Pat Smith on April 21st, 2012 11:57 am [#]

    That’s great that Canada puts everything into politics…..but has Canada ever LOOKED at things in a different light…Firstly….when the US fnishes voting…they have HAWAII, FLORIDA….ARIZONA…to sit back with a PINA COLADA…and celebrate…When England finishes voting….they have the Bahamas ….Jamaica….to sit back and celebrate….HAS CANADA EVER CONSIDERED JUST KEEPING THE POLITICIANS WE HAVE IN….(of course if they are not doing their job properly…FIRE THEM…without a pension etc…..BUT THE MONEY THAT CANADA SAVES ON POLITICS….maybe we could SAVE our MONEY up and BUY OUR OWN TROPICAL ISLAND …that we can sit back and enjoy…ALSO HAVE CANADIANS EVER done a survey on HOW MUCH CANADIANS SPEND EACH YEAR TO GET OUT OF CANADA ON A VACATION…why don’t we buy our OWN and put our MONEY IN CANADA…maybe we would be happier people….feel like were contributing to something CANADIAN…give a lot of WORK to Canadians….cuz on a tropical island we could put up resorts golf courses….restaurants etc……..GO CANADA…..