Obligatory Copenhagen Post

Having not authored a post in a while, I figured I would rise today and wax polemic about Copenhagen, the massive  conference at which our government and all enviro-sinner nations, i.e. the West — of which Canada with its oilsands is the worst, we are told — will be compelled to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by set proportions regardless of the detrimental, yea disastrous, effects it might have on our economies, while also promising to transfer even more wealth from the ingenious companies and hard-working citizens of this nation via taxation to the governments and companies of poorer nations so they can combat “climate change” without hurting their economies.

Vox Day rightly argues that this is historically, scientifically, economically and politically insane.

It is historically insane because we know the planet was more than two degrees warmer as recently as 500 years ago. It is scientifically insane because we know beyond any shadow of a doubt that the world is not warming according to any of the predictions based on models which are based on the idea that higher carbon dioxide levels produce higher temperatures. It is economically insane because it strengthens the contractionary forces that are already in the process of plunging the world into the greatest depression of the modern era. It is politically insane because it reverses more than 300 years of advancing human liberty and democracy.

Adding to the insanity is the specter of “approved” middlemen, a global governance structure, managing the transfer of wealth and enforcing environmental targets.  The rank hypocrisy on display at Copenhagen leads one to believe the scams resulting from global emissions management, some of which have already started to unfold in Europe, would make the UN Oil-for-Food scandal look like petty theft.

The first impression one receives of the summit is the sheer hypocrisy of it. Here are green campaigners who damn the rest of us for the size of our “carbon footprints” and challenge us each to reduce our carbon output by one tonne per year. Yet they themselves are flying in using a squadron of private jets, hiring a fleet of limousines and gorging themselves on expensive food flown in from around the world.

In all of Denmark, there are only a few of dozen limousines for hire. So more than 1,000 of the gas-guzzling, carbon-belching behemoths have been driven to Copenhagen from Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands and France. Since, at most, 140 heads of state and heads of government will attend the week-long conference, the bulk of these land yachts are being delivered for use by United Nations officials, the heads of environmental organizations and celebrities. All these people preach environmental sustainability for others, yet do not practice it themselves.

Digressing a bit, I suspect the governing “Conservatives” are thinking long and hard about their play at Copenhagen given their stronghold in Western Canada, oil country.  I’ve no doubt they’ve been inundated with queries and demands from the grassroots in light of the CRU leak, and I suspect they will take a beating on the hustings and in the pocketbook should they capitulate to the anti-freedom forces in Copenhagen and/or align Canada in any way with a carbon trading scheme.  If the CPC has any hope of forming a majority government, they’d best steer clear of these local landmines.

Back to Copenhagen, which, of course, is merely step one in the twisted world of enviro-fascism.  Oh, you didn’t hear?  Yes, the AGW prophet, Al Gore, served notice that the bar has already been raised.

Even if a deal is reached at the UN climate change talks in Copenhagen next week it will only be the first step towards the far more radical cuts that are needed in global carbon emissions, Al Gore, the former US Vice-President, told The Times last night….

He insisted that the present goal set for Copenhagen of stabilising world emissions of carbon dioxide at or below 450 parts per million — enough to prevent a rise in average global temperatures of no more than 2C — was insufficient and a safer target would be 350 parts per million.

“Insufficient.”  A fitting conclusion to an obligatory post about Copenhagen, for it reminds us that no matter what we do it will never be enough for the enviro-fascist leftards seeking to destroy Capitalism and Western freedom.  It reminds us that environmental policy has a fascist chassis and a socialist economic engine.  It reminds us that Copenhagen and all such global management endeavours are fundamentally about the transfer of power from the individual to the State.  It reminds us that freedom is being bartered under the guise of “being green.”  It reminds us to punish the CPC if they buckle.

Update 8 PM EST: Ice core context.  An absolute must see.  (Hat tip SDA.)  As has been mentioned previously, the issue is not whether we are currently in a warming period. It’s whether it is unprecedented and whether the cause is assuredly carbon dioxide and man-made emissions.


  1. Abattoir says

    This issue is very dangerous for the CPC. If they act at all, they risk alienating their grassroots base in the west. If they don’t act strongly enough, they risk losing what support they’ve gained in the east.

    Either way lies further minority governments, or defeat. Copenhagen might serve as a lightning rod for both sides.

  2. Durward says

    Then Harper should do what is right and not even go to Copenhagen, Start an investigation into the U of Vic in BC, demand NASA’s raw data, demand the raw data from all involved.
    Yes he will alienate us if he commits treason!, and I’ve told the party as much.
    It’s not even the targets(though that’s theft) it’s the transfer of power to the UN, it’s treason! and far more dangerous than just a collapsed economy, think on that a moment.
    Agenda 21 must be thrown out, all legislation related to it enacted already must be repealed. the Jig is up.
    What really ticks me off is Harper has always known it’s a scam but never had the guts to address the country and explain it, or have DR Ball do it, he just paid lip service to it allowing it to continue as propaganda all the while convincing more and more fools that it was real, and now we have Conservative environment Ministers treating it as real.
    We have a constitutional right to good government and this is not it.

  3. Durward says

    PS. it’s not about saving the party anymore it’s about saving the country and the people from oppression.

  4. says


    I agree with the investigative aspect of your comment and the potential breaches of sovereignty entailed in the draft environmental pacts. But I disagree with avoiding Copenhagen. Leaders have to lead and they have to be present at pivotal conferences like this.

    The best we can hope for is a clear and steadfast refusal by the PM to sign Canada on to any pact that hands over policy-making and -enforcement power to supranational organizations and/or involves global carbon trading.

    If he can avoid both of these then he’ll win the day and preserve the base. If he fails, I suspect he’ll be in trouble with the base, meaning the CPC will be in much more serious trouble than they will if they don’t sign on to any sort of treaty.

  5. Gary Markle says

    A Change In Climate

    I really must apologize for all Canadians for the performance of our government and Mr. Harper in particular. We’re very ashamed. But you must realize that our government is not really ours. They’re controlled by the corporate elite of America. Not the American government, but the Neo-cons, the financial terrorists who have deliberately created the financial crisis in an effort to depress markets, buy up resources at a discount, and create cheap labour. They’re not interested in saving the planet, just selling it.

    Yes, we’re the bad guys, but not by choice. We’re being controlled by financial terrorists, the enemy within. Parasites. They know no borders, have no allegiance and have infected all governments. Again, we’re sorry.

    There’s little consolation in knowing that our world leaders will spend eternity in Hell when there’s so much suffering worldwide caused by their incompetence and greed. Can anyone save us?

    G. W. Markle
    506-55 McMurchy Ave. N.
    Brampton, ON
    L6X 1X9
    416 433 2217

  6. RD says

    Hey Gary,
    I can appreciate where you’re coming from but I have the feeling that this applies to both sides of the aisle, and both the US and Canada.
    Notice how the healthcare reform is being turfed by democrats who are heavily supported by insurance companies? It was their own party that was pushing a single payer system originally.

    Are we going to say that Paul Martin had no ties to industry?
    The whole lot of them are corrupt, and yet, I’m not too eager to vote for a non corporatist party like the NDP…
    Campaign finance reform is the only way to get people elected by the electorate and not the corporations.

  7. Gary Markle says

    To RD – Yes, electoral financial reform. Even the playing field.

    To Mark Peters – It’s not sarcasm, just an ugly truth. “Financial Terrorism” knows no borders, nor favors any political stripes. Greed rules. A lot of that money that “dissapeared” is being “invested” in Canada, buying politicians. Clear?

  8. RD says

    Hey Gary,
    I’m going to come out and say that I am cynical about most politicians and lobbyists. However, you seem to up the ante quite a bit.
    Can you explain what you mean by Financial Terrorism? Keep in mind that I’m not really in the market for a tin foil hat…

  9. says

    Gary — Since you are apparently serious, I wish to clarify that I am probably ashamed of our government for the very opposite reasons you are.

    I am ashamed of Mr. Harper and the government insomuch as they have largely abandoned small-c conservatism. I’m also unimpressed by their complicity in creating a new “climate deal” at Copenhagen. It seems they are willing to risk their political base for a green medallion. Time will tell how that plays out.

    As for your “financial terrorism” assertion, I am amused but not convinced. Yes, governments have vested financial interests and do seek to encourage businesses to invest in Canada and I’m sure the ruling CPC is as inclined to their causes as are those in Opposition. I see very little difference between the CPC and the LPoC in that regard. But to say that the corporate elite in America have bought our government is a massive and unsubstantiated stretch.

    I also disagree with the concept of a manufactured crisis. Yes, there are those who have deftly taken advantage of market conditions, but what good fund managers, banks and traders have not? (That’s how they make their money!)

    Beyond that, I do not believe any political party, either stateside or here in Canada, has manufactured an economic collapse with malice aforethought. Did policy have an affect on the slide? For sure. Were policy decisions made with the purpose of precipitating a collapse? That I find hard to believe. Even the Clintonian edict to American banks that forced them to issue risky mortgages, while severely poor policy and unjustifiable government interference in the free market, I do not believe was done with the intention of precipitating a housing crisis.

    If you have proof then I’d love to hear it. Right now, though, I think you’re wearing a tinfoil hat.

  10. Gary Markle says

    If you can buy up the politicians then you can buy up the healthcare, controll the population, controll the country.
    I can get more technical if you’d like, but I think you can get the idea. I’ll put on my tinfoil hat and get back to you:)

  11. RD says

    Hi Mark,
    I agree with you to an extent.
    I wish the Conservative party would stop trying to lure voters who don’t share their ideals.
    If the conservatives were to return to their big C roots, they’d satisfy the right and alienate the center and return to reform party – type polling numbers.

    However, if Harper were to get his majority, don’t be surprised if that BIG C makes a big comeback.

  12. Gary Markle says

    Here’s a more philosophical take on what’s really happening in Canada. What’s your take?

    Health Care:
    As Mr. Obama struggles to bring decent healthcare to all Americans, he faces a great deal of opposition from a specific group of people. Here in Canada, we too are struggling against this same group of people in an effort to retain our public healthcare. These people are known as the “investment class”, their main purpose in life being, to attain “more”. They can also be defined as sociopaths, that being; people who lack that most important ingredient in their persona that defines what it means to be human: The ability to empathize and feel love. Their existence is predicated on gain. There is no room for love or empathy in an avaricious heart. Make no mistake, this is a mental disorder that is infectious, and these people have managed to corrupt our government and lure them into a scheme of a much larger agenda: The privatization of Canada’s healthcare system and the creation of a “perpetual debt”.

    There’s a great deal of money in the healthcare business. Unfortunately, in Canada, as in the United Stated, we’ve discovered that a good one third of our healthcare dollars are being lost through corruption schemes, kickbacks, payoffs and shady stock deals. This amounts to billions of dollars annually that could be used for the advancement of health services. Instead, services are constantly being cut back or eliminated and wait times in hospitals can now be as much as eight to ten hours. All in the name of profit. None of this is necessary. There is a viable solution, but the investment class won’t like it, and it seems that they’re “the tail that wags the dog”.

    I find it ironic, that the fate of our national healthcare should be put in the hands of group of people who are mentally ill and care nothing for the health and wellness of society; rather, they view the population as just another herd of sheep to be fleeced.

    I have a news flash for both the investment and ruling classes from the citizens of this country: We’re not a commodity, we’re not your property, and we’re not for sale.

  13. Gary Markle says

    Bernie Madoff was a small fry and a fall guy. The “big boys” left town with the loot just before the fall.

    Take off your “lead helmut” and take a really deep look at what has happened, and you’ll see what’s going to happen.

    Financial terrorists, the enemy within. Parasites.