Muslim honor killings and British money killings

It is all too easy to blame Muslim culture for conducting honor killings. I do not know what is worse: killing a person to defend family honor or killing a person for money:

The hit men – John Reeves, 55, of Adlington Road, Sheffield; Naveed Mahmood, 23, of Granville Road, Sheffield; and Sam Lee, 30, of Deerlands Avenue, Sheffield –- had been hired as contract killers by Arza Khan, 28, of Parkinson Road, Halifax – Mr Mehmood’s brother in law.

I think Detective Superintendent is only partially right when he declares:

It is my opinion that this murder had nothing to do with honour in the ordinary sense of the word, and everything to do with power and control over a young woman.

It is quite simply the most extreme form of domestic abuse.

There can never be any justification for murder and those convicted today will have a long time in prison to reflect on their actions.

We justify murder all of the time. We hire police officers and soldiers to do our bidding in exercizing deadly force. The way we justify “murder” is simply semantic: we change its definition. It was not long ago that the thought of marrying a woman after consulting her parents — nay, asking them for permission — was completely normal throughout the entire world. To do otherwise was dishonorable and asking for trouble.

Francoise David invites herself online to the Quebec leaders debate

Francoise David, the leader of the Quebec Solidaire party was refused participation in today’s leaders debate. [The leader of the Green Party was also refused.] In response, she is going to answer the debate questions online simultaneously by webcasting through her own site: She will also field questions submitted to her online.

Facebook lawsuit against Adam Guerbuez (from Montreal) is a waste of tax money and an abuse of the legal system

A San Jose court has awarded more than $800 million to Facebook in an anti-spam judgement against a guy called Adam Guerbuez from Montreal. This is the nonsense that Facebook’s senior corporate counsel had to say:

“We are very much intent on policing the site and making sure Facebook is not seen as a place for spammers to target,” O’Rourke said.

To which I say: “No, sir, you are NOT intent on policing the site. Rather, you are doing the opposite. You are intent on making the tax-payer police your site. You should be cutting out the spam yourself instead of wasting tax-payer’s money seeking court judgements. Clean up your own site!

Spam should be treated like a technical problem. The operators of Facebook should prevent it and police it internally. Tax-payers who do not avail themselves of the entertainment of Facebook should not subsidize the business of solving Facebook’s problems filtering spam.

Hassan Diab extradition from Canada is wrong

I object to these extradition hearings for Hassan Diab no matter what the “evidence” is against him. [I find the evidence to be highly dubious.] Extradition is kidnapping without a trial.

Instead of Canadians wasting time, effort and money to determine whether Hassan Diab should be extradited, the French police should face the following choices:

  • come to Canada and hold their trial in Canada open to the Canadian public — all costs fully paid by the French
  • invite Hassan Diab to voluntarily submit to a trial in France or convict him in absentia

I see no reason to trust a foreign judicial system.

Obama, Behind the Hope: Parts Two and Three: The Bad and the Ugly

Over the next few days I intend to do a short series of blogs on the new President-elect of the United States of America, Mr. Barack Obama, to try and dig past the “Hope and Change” buzzwords, the “Messiah” talk coming from the left, and the “Evil Muslim Commie” talk coming from the right. This series will come in three parts: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Last time I outlined the positives for Obama, but this time I’m aiming for the bad, and the ugly. I’ll begin by looking at his stances and promises, in his own words. That’s right, GlacialGal, they’re still on his site!

For starters, there is his policy on service. While not in and of itself disturbing, his intention to require all high school graduates do 50 hours of public service bears similarities to the draft. While there are difference, his intention to require all teenagers to serve the country differs from the draft in degree, not in direction.

He also intends to further regulate the health insurance industry, reverse the Bush tax cuts and seems ready to target high earning citizens for tax increases.

To find more of his opinions, check out the link above. In short, Obama is a liberal (SURPREEZ!). He’s not a Marxist, no matter how you try to paint it, but his views on many positions are worrisome.

I chose to combine Parts Two and Three due to time constraints, similarity of the subjects, and the fact that most of our readers are conservatives who have already been informed of his many policy weaknesses.