Proposition 8 — more important than the Presidency

Governments should not be in the business of recognizing marriages. Your marital status should be your business handled between you and your church or your friends. I do not want to hear anything about equality. As long as you — whether a supporter or an opponent of Propostion 8 — are demanding that bureaucrats recognize your personal life, you deserve to fail in your endeavor.

There will forever be young people born gay, so the demand for same-sex marriage will never go away. Furthermore, children have television, movies and pop music. There is no way to escape the reality that homosexuals exist. The latest argument in support of Proposition 8 is how it will potentially impose requirements of teaching same-sex marriages in schools. Well, I suppose it might hypothetically lead to that but I believe there is a lot of nonsense and bad influence in schools anyway. Teaching same-sex marriage is pretty low on the Richter scale compared to drugs, promiscuity and history classes, in my opinion.

Both sides of the debates involving Proposition 8 and same-sex marriages are nonsense. People are locking horns when they can easily seek common ground: deny the government any authority in such private matters. I believe that is where the modern civilized world is heading anyway. No matter the result of this vote, the only thing this ballot initiative will do is delay the inevitable. As governments create market failure, people are forced to become a little creative and more responsible for themselves. I see the future development of a new industry called the Marriage Registration Bureau or something like that.

If the right to same-sex marriage is forever denied through Proposition 8, I would suspect that homosexuals will still demand to be married. Therefore, they will have no choice but to create a parallel market in the marriage recognition industry in California.

If Proposition 8 is rejected, opponents of same-sex marriage will have no choice but to deny the legitimacy of the state’s recognition of marriage — unless they are happy living their moral lives in cognitive dissonance.


  1. JasonJack says

    Just because stupid stuff is taught in schools, doesn’t mean I endorse more stupid stuff taught in scho0ols.
    Also, you fail to mention that the courts changed a fundamental definition of society. When you change a definition, there are repreccusions.

    please go to and understand the problem more fully.

  2. says

    You are right: I did fail to mention that the courts changed a fundamental definition of society. I failed to mention a lot of things and much like your definition of marriage, they are irrelevant.

    I did go to your silly website and all I found was nonsense. Maybe you can give us a link to something on that website which explains why the government should be monopolizing the marriage registry industry or even be in that business at all.