The Lights Are Back On, And Still No One’s Home On Granola Street!

9:40 pm — I think I looked outside at one point during the 8 o’clock hour to see if the cityscape changed here; it didn’t. Lights of businesses, houses and cars were still on. So I’m not even sure if this whole thing went ahead outside of the urbane, advanced city cores of the globe. Now that this little feel-good activity is complete for a year, anyone who participated will go back to their old ways, still relying on electricity as they always did and coming back into the 21st century. I could’ve told you, as a Christian that has to bear with an over-secularized Christmas every December every winter, that this would happen but I think we all know that there’s no reasoning with a crowd hell-bent on freezing over hell. Even if we’re generous, and grant the earthtone crowd that put this whole thing together the presumption that people have become more conscious of the electricity that we use, is anyone seriously going to suggest that societies the world round are going to start abandoning the electronic lives we’ve been leading since well back into the dawn on the last century?

This, again, is my whole point with the exercise: “Earth Hour” may be many things, be they politically motivated attempts to one day make Al Gore President of Earth, guilt-suppressing for the feeble-minded or an excuse for the promiscuous left to achieve it’s one and only goal no matter what the issue is framed as, but it is not about saving the Earth, nor is it about changing our lifestyles. Instead, like “buy nothing day”, the UofT sit-in this week, Kyoto, the green ribbon campaign of 1997 and The Waffle, Earth Day is just another much ado about nothing that The Left has established to be high on symbolism, but waning on substance. At the end of the day, it wasn’t really about making a difference, but about feeling like we did; it wasn’t meant to change how we view the world, but how the world views us. So congrats Earth Hour warriors! You’ve claimed one hour to feel all smug about (although I really don’t know why…), but I still have 8765 more this year where common sense will take over! I might be the pariah tonight, but come tomorrow morning you’ll be the one following my lead…


  1. igloogirl says

    That was a blast Matthew! We turned on every light we owned. Can we make it an
    annual event? The television and two computers were on along with everything else. What a celebration. I said a prayer to thank God for the gift of electricity that we enjoy!

  2. Louise M. says

    I must admit these envirocentrics had me spooked. I actually turned off my computer before 9 pm in case of a power surge to prevent a disaster. Maybe I should sue someone for mental anguish. LOL

  3. IngenuityGap says

    In a stubborn counter to this, my dad turned on all the lights in the house and the christmas lights that were still up. It was a nice counter to the dark homes across the street.

  4. Milton Resident says

    My lights were off, and so were vertually every other light in homes down my street. I was impressed.

    I do so little for the environment that I thought, what the hell. Do this.

    “> Cheers

  5. curious says

    Good thoughts and along the lines of my thinking. I had outside lights, inside lights and all the usual appliances on…couldn’t have the beer get warm while watching the Leaf game on TV.

  6. Scott from Winnipeg says

    It’s inescapably ironic – given your lack of critical thinking and insight that so often leaves you in the dark – would actually lead you to be with us in spirit on Saturday.

    No Smash Bros high score reports?