More Garth Turner Hypocrisy!

First up, Platty does a little research and rightfully concludes that the MP for Bearded Bitter Bikers has no leg to stand on when lecturing others on the importance of voting. Maybe we should follow Garth’s rationale and make sure that all those Liberals lose the privilege that they’re not too keen on using. Just a thought.

Next, The Garth has been in a huff this week over Conservative leaflets being mailed out to residences that are covered by the House of Commons budget for MPs to mail out resources to 10% of a riding. While I think there is merit in exploring the relevance of this sort of programme in a day and age when we have the internet among other handy resources to get the word out to constituents, Turner and the Red Star fail to mention that the Liberals are doing the exact same thing. I’ve received periodic messages from Stephane Dion in my mail (I live in a swing riding that is currently held by a Conservative) attacking the government and playing up all the blessings a Liberal government would bring. The mailing originate s from the House of Commons — specifically the Office of the Leader of the Opposition. Garth, you haven’t been naughty with your ten-percenters, have you?


  1. Laura says

    Are their rules about 10%ers? I live in a swing riding with an NDP incumbant and it seems like I’m getting literature from our MP every other week. If they are all 10%ers, or even mostly 10%ers, it seems only two things can be true: 1) She’s sending them out to >>10% of the households, or 2)I live on a street not subject to the normal laws of probability. Maybe a statistically anomylous vortex or something? (Or something like that, it’s been a while since I’ve watched Star Trek).

  2. igloogirl says

    “The RED Star”? LOL! I love it. Cancelled my subscription 3 weeks ago! Yay! Could not bear to read it anymore and didn’t want my children being influenced by such media bias.

  3. RAK says

    The liberals didn’t use 10% ers for Gath’s and Dryden,s Loonie tune tours across Canada. They sent out personal addressed mail which cost more then a 100X more to the tax payer to send.

  4. says

    Laura: 10%ers are meant to allow MPs to get the word out to their constituents on matters of government, although over the years all parties (including the NDP who floods my parents’ home in Hamilton Mountain with similar material) have come to abuse the system. Basically there are no rules except for the unofficial one that if a party ever went overboard with the programme, it would probably cause a public backlash. In this case though, with RAK and Nobody Special pointing out some serious dirt (I’ll be updating the post accordingly –thanks for the tips guys), I don’t think Mr. Turner will want the spotlight turned on as it’ll quickly swing to his own personal tactics.

  5. Halton Resident says

    FYI… Mr Turner and his Constituency Manager, Ms.Shaye, figured out how to use the HoC mailing system to their best advantage soon after he was elected in 2006. Ms. Shaye used to often publicly brag about how much literature they could send out to Halton residents each & every week.

    I heard that they had a weekly schedule set up to get out the maximum number of 10%’ers allowed to the people of Halton. I also understand that they compiled address lists of consituents so that Turner could send out lots ‘franked mail’ to individual residents on a weekly basis. Turner was determined to use EVERY angle possible to get his literature out to voters.

    All this was said to be within the existing House of Commons guidlines and Ms. Shaye was very proud that her team was using it much more effectively than most (if not all) other MP’s.

    Garth Turner used to get upset when Gary Carr used his franking and 10%’er privledges prior to the 2005 election being called. He used to bring that fact up in public debates with Carr. But Turner sure didn’t squawk when the CPC sent in 10’ers to Halton before he got elected …… so I guess Turner could be called “The Pot Calling The Kettle Black”!

  6. Milton Resident says

    Milton is in Turners riding. His office is a couple K’s from my house. We hate Turner and we think he is a moron. He is a chronic liar and complains constantly about issues that embarrass our community. Most everyone I know think he has a chip on his shoulder the size of Mount Everest.

    If you recall, he threw dirt all over our Santa Parade committee and made false partisan attacks on them. He brought the wrath of Liberal hate upon his own riding and town for his own self righteous grandstanding.

    Many of us hear think he has moved away. If that’s the case, good riddance.

  7. Another Milton Resid says

    Too bad you posters slamming Garth don’t know your arse from your elbow. Turner has at least followed the rules for using the “10 percenters” unlike Harper and his bunch of clowns who are driving this country into the ground. The facts show Harper is mailing 4x (and probably much more) the quantity permitted as outlined in the HoC rules about 10%ers.

    Additionally, equating Garth’s invitation to attend his meeting to the pure propaganda and garbage that Harper is sending out is ludicrous. You Conservative sheep need to open you eyes to the out right lies and deception Harper is dishing out.

    Here’s a link to a good one on the topic of SPP. I hope you have the fortitude to actually watch it.

    Harper is a LIAR!!!

  8. Milton Resident says

    Hey Milton Resid, poster 11.

    I can see that your lobotomy worked just fine. Good for you,,,moron.

    Who are you anyways? I didn’t think there was anyone left in Milton that could stand Turners guts. Oh well, there is always one wacko in the bunch.

    PS. I can’t see to many Librasses posting here. The span protection may be a bit to tough for them.

    I have offered to help.

  9. Milton Resident says

    One other thing.

    Turner likes to go around complaining about the Income Trust thing.

    Isn’t it strange that Turner, not only voted for the IT changes but there are many quotes attributed to Turner, praising the changes.

    Imagine that.

    Hypocrisy abounds.

    Try to get those comments on Turners “open forum blog”.


  10. RAK says

    “Another Milton Resid” Garth is a Snake Oil Salesman who cares about one thing and that is himself. It would be interesting to see the cost to the Canada tax payer of Garth’s mail advertising for his looney toon tour. Another question would be what data base did the liberals use when they sent out these personal addressed mail. They seem to target pensioners and people who had invested into income trusts.How did they know that these people had invested into income trusts without having access to their income tax files or did the financial advisers and their lobbyists supply the liberals with these names. I have a uncle in Milton who has voted
    liberal for over 30 years and he will be voting for another party because he cannot stand the Fool that will be running for the
    Liberals in Milton

  11. Scott M. says

    Crook may be a bit over-the-top…

    Confused — aren’t we talking about a matter of scale here? Yes, Garth sent out ten percenters for a few town hall meetings he did… that seems a resonable use. I think what he’s accusing the government of (not that we’ve seen the proof yet, but hey) is breaking the HoC rules by sending too many over too short a time into some ridings.

    I’m confused as to how that would be seen as hypocrisy… he’s not complaining about ten percenters as a whole, just their abuse of them. Perhaps you’re reaching a bit here to call him a hypocrite?

  12. BJ says

    Garth has posted his latest entry on his blog about this issue. You know when someones hit a nerve when Garth starts throwing around veiled threats of lawsuits for libel.

    He can have his annon posters call Harper a nazi and profess bile and hatred for the Prime Minister (no where else do you see any hatred and bile for Dion) and he gets his knickers in a knot when someone makes a comment about being a crook.

    Threatening to sue is his MO…hes been doing it for years. Ask his former employers at the Toronto Sun and other coworkers as well. When in doubt, threaten to sue.

  13. ex-con says

    ditto to #16. I blown away by the tone of your post, and even more by the tone of the commenters. This is an example of everything wrong with the conservative party sincs PMSH took over.

  14. Scott M. says

    You know when someones hit a nerve when Garth starts throwing around veiled threats of lawsuits for libel.

    … or he feels he’s been libelled?

    I think anyone who has been wrongly accused feels the offending party has “hit a nerve”… wouldn’t you?

    I read his post… I think he may be overreacting a bit (as is the PM with his libel case), but you certainly can’t blame him for being upset about being called a crook.

  15. Abattoir says

    Holding a blogger accountable for comments to their blog, written anonymously by others, is quite different from holding a blogger accountable for blog entries written by approved writers.

    In both cases, the author would be responsible for any libelous statements made, but in this case, Greg can be expected to be familiar with, and hold some responsibility for, the writer.

  16. Milton Resident says

    Maybe Turner is a crook.

    I hear from very reliable sources that Turner has property of the local Conservative association that he refuses to return.

    Just another one of his – act like a spoiled baby moves.

    If that is true, which it likely is, then Turner is a thief.

    Thieves are crooks.

  17. Geoffrey says

    What property would Garth have of the local Conservatives? I know he takes credit for some money that came back from elections Canada, but does Garth still have some property of theirs he hasnt returned?

  18. hiti says

    My, my…. a whole pit full of CONS, spitting and hissing and spewing forth with their hatred of all things Canadian.

  19. Milton Resident says


    Garth has a large Conservative flag set, that is not his.

    The local Conservatives have been trying to get it back from him, but Turner, in all his childish wisdom refuses to return it.

    Garth says – Na,na,nanana. I’m gonna keep it.

    I have heard that the set, while not overly expensive to replace, was to be returned by Turner.

    Turner is a petty, bitter, angry, and childish jerk.

    BTW Hiti, I have a question about your comment.


  20. Garth's haunted says

    One of the reasons I think so many people hate Turner is because of his hypocrisy.
    He lies threw his teeth to those that are stupid enough to believe him. He loves to bash Income Trust issues, yet he was a player and supporter. What an ass he is.

    Garth Turner’s Changing Position on Income Trusts.

    April 16, 2007
    Today Liberal MP Garth Turner (Halton) continues his cheap partisan attacks, ranting and raving over income trusts on his blog. Turner is once again showing his short memory – as he stood in the House of Commons and voted FOR the ways and means motion to implement the changes! In fact, Turner said that the move was “necessary”, that income trusts were “unhealthy” and that the Minister of Finance was “right”. In fact, Turner even bragged on his blog that he had called for action! Why the flip flop?:

    The facts:

    Garth Turner stood in the House of Commons and voted FOR the Conservative government’s income trust motion (Division No. 57, November 7th, 2006)
    “As stated, reforming the trust business and stemming the tide of conversions is necessary for the long term health of the economy and to ensure the feds keep raking in corporate taxes” (, November 6, 2006)
    “My vote will have to reflect the fact that decades of income-splitting will more than compensate for one week’s investment losses. My vote will acknowledge that wholesale corporate conversions to trusts are unhealthy in those same years to come.” (, November 6, 2006)
    “Sure, I understand why the Finance guys were screaming for the trust tax. Too many new conversions. Lost tax revenues, Unfairness in corporate tax treatment. Money leaking to foreign investors. The threat of the banks morphing into trusts. The writing was on the wall, and I was the only Conservative to say so publicly, when BCE and Telus declared their intentions to convert into trusts. An income trust tax bomb was inevitable” (, November 1, 2006)
    “Did he do the right thing, and the right way? Well, this is just what I predicted in the media a couple of weeks ago, after Bell announced it would be morphing into a trust. It looked then like a death stroke was inevitable. And it came on Hallowe’en. Flaherty was right to dump this on an unsuspecting nation, in order to keep the stock market carnage to one day or two and avoid a Goodale-type slow melt.” (, October 31, 2006)
    “The tax losses are now substantial,” said Turner (Montreal Gazette, October 18, 2006)
    “We find ourselves on the same slippery slope, unfortunately, that the Liberals were on, and I think we’ve been forced there by the corporate community,” MP Turner said. “This now is an issue we’re going to have to talk about,” Turner said (Montreal Gazette, October 18, 2006)