Could Dion Lose His Own Party’s Memebership?

The Ottawa Sun reports today that indeed it’s quite possible and that the recently vocal Quebec wing of the Liberal Party is stirring with a movement to invoke a clause never used before to revoke Dion’s membership in the Liberal party. I’m not sure how this would affect the Montreal area MP as past expulsions have usually come with the party leader’s blessing and hence the MP in question has been forced to either sit as an Independent or as a member of another party’s caucus. Maybe Dion can become the country’s first Green MP to follow up with his open flirtation with Elizabeth May last year!

While it would certainly embarrass Dion to have to register as a Liberal in another province (if it even comes to that), I think it’s safe to say that PM Harper will still be fighting against Dion in the next election as Dion has nothing to lose at this point in sticking around: there is already open dissatisfaction with his leadership; he’s never contested an election before and will never have the chance again if he cedes his right to do so now; he still has a massive leadership race debt to pay off and not many people will come out to hear the “failed former leader of the Liberal party” speak at a $200/plate dinner; his is under no obligation to have a leadership review vote and if his public image is any indication, he whole-heartedly believes he is the best Liberal leader the party could have right now and is morally obligated to stay on.

In the interest of fair play, I should confess that many Conservatives like myself would actually be more upset if Dion were to retire prematurely as he has done a fantastic job in helping us in Parliament. If another leadership race were triggered, it’d be hard to imagine how things would play out between now and October, 2009. The Liberals would probably want a quick race both to stop the bleeding they’ve been inflicting upon themselves since January, 2006 and to keep costs down both for the central party and the A-list candidates who are still fighting off leadership debts. Parliament wouldn’t change that much as the Conservatives pretty much has a majority as it is right now, although the Liberals would be in even worse financial shape than they are now with the extra costs, making it impossible for them to fight an effective election campaign (they’re currently prepared to borrow most of their campaign costs).

These prohibitive costs must be a small comfort to those who have surrounded themselves around Dion though as none of them actually involve the leader’s ability to deliver and because it’s still pretty well accepted that Dion’s days are numbered, with the only question being whether the last day comes before or after an election. Just remember Stephane, if this Liberal thing doesn’t work out, you’ll always have that fling with Lizzy last year!


  1. Pissedoff says

    “Parliament wouldn’t change that much as the Conservatives pretty much has a majority as it is right now.”
    So how come Harper is doing nothing about the kangaroo courts and not cutting back on funding to the Communist BC?
    This HRC thing could be his Achiles heel when it comes to getting a majority.

  2. MrEd says

    Hey there PissedOff,

    “So how come Harper is doing nothing about the kangaroo courts and not cutting back on funding to the Communist BC?”

    Kangaroo Courts are front and center on the get tough on crime bill as a start…the problem is too many years of Liberal appointed Judges and a Senior Silly Servant infrastructure that is corupt with internal power, supported and propped up for the last 35+ years by an outdated, Liberal dominated Senate. This is the same liberal senate that approved 35,000 long term prisoners the right to vote prior to Martin’s Minority Gov’t…. afterall, if you’re a liberal you have to ensure your entitlement to vote if you go to prison for your crimes for more then 2 years.

    As for the second part of that, Harper went from a BC 35 seat sweep when Stockwell Day ran the Alliance to losing seats the last general election. BC should be 100% blue in the next general election call if they run based on comparing records of Harper’s Gov’t vs former successive Liberal Gov’t’s. That’s politics baby… He is working to improve relations in BC just as he is in every other province.

    The problem with our election system and general system of rule is the big 3 city’s now control the country… in black and white terms if you own Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver; manage to split the vote elsewhere, and buy the maritimes, you win with a majority…

  3. says

    I kind of agree. The government is really allowing a perception to be built that they are dragging their feet on the HRC file.

    On the other hand, maybe they know that as the Levant, Steyn and now the Lemire file are going to bring so many ridiculous details to the public that they will be able to accomplish what is needed – the truncation of the HRC’s power.

    I think they learned their lesson from the SOW file, that while it is a completely porkbelly arm that does not deserve government funding, the way they went about cutting it made bad PR, and they had to reinstate it. Had they built public ill will before and gotten everyone onside before they cut, then it would have been done.