Nader is Running for President – Democrats Everywhere Shed a Tear

Ralph Nader, everyone’s favorite third party candidate (and election spoiler) has decided to throw his hat in to the presidential ring. Hard core Democrats everywhere have been throwing hissy fits ever since:

Ralph Nader’s living in the past. The problem is, he could, once again, destroy our future. True, the 2004 election was so lopsided his 0.38 percent of the vote made no difference. But, if it’s close again this year, we could be looking at 2000 all over again. Nader could be the difference between a new direction for America and a continuation of the disastrous policies of George Bush and Dick Cheney.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t concern Mr. Nader. He cares more about what’s good for Ralph Nader than what’s good for America.

and here is more…

Had Ralph Nader not run in 2000, President Al Gore would be finishing his second term. The Iraq war would never have happened, Abu Ghraib would have been nothing more than a fiction in horror movies. There would be a progressive majority on the Supreme Court rather than Roberts and Alito.

Had Ralph Nader not run in 2000, President Gore would have received the Nobel Peace Prize for historic global warming policies enacted during his presidency.

Now here comes Nader again, mid-life crisis and all, a little boy in a man’s body, desperately in need of gainful employment, and pathetically in need of media attention, doing it again.


  1. dena says

    Oh please! Your tired propaganda has become tiresome. The spoiler slam is such
    garbage. In Florida Nader did get 97,000 votes. But, are the 300,000 votes that Florida democrats gave to Bush more of a problem? If democrats would put a decent candidate out there (like Kucinich or Gravel) instead of corporate puppets like Gore, Kerry and Obama, then maybe democrats would have a reason to vote for the, The truth is that there is not much difference between GOP & Dem candidates. Both of them have alliances with lobbyists (even OBAMA who claims not to be lobbyist friendly and is a liar)..
    See these links for more info: