Environment: Pulling a Gore-House on Harper

If that isn’t obtuse enough…

What I mean is, a few months ago, some enterprising reporters decided to see if Al Gore was a hypocrite in preaching global warming and the need for personal action.  They investigated his property and found out that it was a huge energy sucker – I believe the number was 20 times the average American residence in terms of power use.

So, an enterprising reporter in Canada decided to investigate 24 Sussex to see if the new “Green” Harper was being a hypocrite too.

Guess what?  24 Sussex uses a lot of power.

Is this comparable?  Not at all.  I mean, we are talking about the official residence of the Prime Minister.  He doesn’t even own the building.  The government operates it, and the building itself is what – a hundred years old?  These homes were not built for fuel efficiency.

Sure, the PM could undertake to get the government agency to update the home so that it is more energy efficient.  It should be noted that the cost to taxpayers would be probably in the tens of thousands (ever look into doing it for your own home?  Ours is only 15 years old and it would take about 10 grand for us!)  But keep in mind even if this is done, his costs will far outstrip the average Canadian home for no other reason than 24 Sussex is not just a residence, it is a museum and a national landmark with guided tours and the works.  It is also heavily secured.  I don’t think Mr. Gore conducts guided tours of his home.

So, ha ha, Star-Phoenix.  Very funny comparing Harper with Gore.  Now get over it and start checking out Stornaway to see what the Green Mr. Dion is doing to save energy.


  1. says

    Mr. Harper is obviously a heretic. I would suggest burning him at the stake but that would create uneccessary Co2 emmisions so I opt for redumacation.

  2. Richard Romano says

    Ah the left, hopelessly out of touch and incredibly naive.

    Gore is a screwball hack–the man knows no bounds.

  3. Dave says

    Do you remember when Rick Mercer visited Paul Martin at 24 Sussex and they put up temporary weathersealing in the conservatory? Paul Martin admitted that the house was drafty, but like Chretien and Mulroney he did nothing about it because the “optics” of spending money on 24 Sussex looked bad. When Harper came to office, he multiplied the budget for repairs at 24 Sussex multiple times. Quite rightly. That building belongs to us, not any politician. If it’s leaking heat because it hasn’t been looked after properly, it needs fixing and PMSH has made a start on that.

  4. says

    The author of the article, Glen McGregor, starts his like so:

    If Prime Minister Stephen Harper is serious about tackling climate change, he might want to start with his own energy-guzzling home.

    This is an outright lie. As Shane pointed out, Prime Minister Harper does not own 24 Sussux Drive, we the people of Canada do. This article is a first-rate smear job.

    This article provokes so much anger that I’m about to look up contact information for Glen McGregor and his editors to express my displeasure. If anyone beats me to it, please post the applicable contact information. Thank you.