Driving the Heathen from the Promised Land

Tom Cerber‘s post has provoked the typical round of tut-tutting from alienated central Canadians. In response, commenter Grog maintains that Albertan political autonomy will drive him from his home, his work, his family, and his lifestyle:

Do you have any idea how many Albertans would leave the province in the Alberta Separation Party or other bunch of wingnuts tried to secede? (Hint – lots)

That’s just swell. I’m sure that there’s an unemployment line waiting for you somewhere in the ROC. Oh wait, government assistance won’t exist in Canada any longer because Alberta won’t be around to pay for it. Perhaps you can share a shanty along the shore of Lake Ontario with Mel Lastman?

Better stick around, chum. The R of A will still need its court jesters and we can only laugh at Werner Patels for so long.


  1. Jim says

    Well, why dont we all leave. I am sure that the yanks would love to have On. with all of its industry, natural resources like fresh water and access to both Hudson and James Bay.
    Wouldnt that really scare the Quebec nation to have the U.S. on two of their borders.

  2. says

    My answer to you is: Go! Or not. But don’t pull the old “knife to the throat” trip. That was boring when Quebec tried it, and they have great cheese and hot chicks where you just have cows and K.D. Lang. We’ll get on fine without Alberta.

  3. says

    For the record, Aaron, get your facts straight: If Alberta decided to go it alone, I’d be right in there. Independence for Alberta is a feeling that permeates all political camps in this province. You can be a NDPer or a Liberal and still support independence (or more independence) for your province.

    So don’t lump me in with those easterners who don’t understand Alberta. I understand Alberta, and I know it’s not about being conservative, liberal or whatever, it’s about what’s right for our province.

    Alberta is not a stronghold of conservatism, as is claimed by easterners all the time. Instead, Alberta is about common sense and fair play. It just so happens that our current government is a conservative one, but if another party came along tomorrow, with its focus on common sense and fair play, it’d be elected in a flash by Albertans. Albertans don’t go by ideology, but only by what makes sense and what’s right.

  4. Hunter says

    Great post Werner! Exactly, common sense and fair play, are what Albertan’s are all about.

    Bigcitylib, you have no say in what Albertan’s do, unless you are here in Alberta. We will never be like Quebec, because we could actually make a go of the Republic of Alberta. Quebec is just a leach on Canada, why do we in Alberta have to pay for their $7 a day daycare, when we don’t have one of our own, thank goodness. Quebec has no common sense and no idea of what fair play is all about, but the rest of Canada, needs them? Why?

  5. says

    alienated central Canadians

    you must mean ontario and quebec, aka 2/3’s of the country.

    by the time albertans manage to leave confederation, you’ll be out of oil anyway. we’ll bail you out though because we like skiing on powder.

  6. says

    Actually, Hunter, I lived in Calgary for two years and Edmonton for one (long time ago). And I am a Canadian. If I don’t have a say, who does? Just properly Conservative Albertans?

  7. says

    “And I am a Canadian. If I don’t have a say, who does?”

    The only people that should have a say on Alberta’s future are Albertans.* Or were you Ontarians given a vote in the last Quebec referendum? Stop being such busy-bodies.

    * German immigrants, of course, should also be excluded.

  8. says

    According to Aaron’s thinking, Stephen Harper should be excluded as well, because he was born and raised in Toronto.

    Total nonsense and so un-Albertan that Aaron should be expelled from Alberta.

  9. Scott from Winnipeg says

    So a Belgian-style nation really wasn’t an incredibly anti-Canadian theory to some of you?

    Holy smokes.

  10. Richard says

    It’s funny that when individuals who do not live in Alberta feel they actually have a say in what we can or can’t do, it comes across as white noise.
    We will make decisions based on what is best for the population long-term, and if it goes against your central canadian sensibilities, you and those who share your beliefs can go and pound salt. Doesn’t really matter.

  11. says

    The loonie austrian (no insult meant to real Austrians) gets kicked out of just about every where, so why not Alberta? He has been booted out of a few web clubs, gay bath houses, blog aggregators, translators lists, his own house (en francais), at least one politcal party and one or two follicularly-challenged groups. Weren’t ya also kicked out of Ontario Pastels?

  12. Smiling Moose says

    “wanker who writes about a lot of things without knowing anything whatsoever.”

    Sound a lot like a so called “political scientist” I know of…

  13. says

    Frankly, I’d move TO Alberta if they separated.

    I still might. The tax rates and cost of living, despite skyrocketing of late, is STILL cheaper than in Vancouver, but the pay is better!