Saving the Conservative Soul: Accept Liberal Lite or Separatism?

Andrew Coyne laments the Conservative Party has become Liberal Lite.

But he doesn’t state the obvious point. The Cons have moved left in order to pick up votes in Ontario and Quebec.

Considering conservatism gets its gusto from the West and especially Alberta, and it’s these conservatives that have had to become rather quiet for the Conservatives to pick up support in Ontario and Quebec, the obvious conclusion one can draw is that genuine conservatism can only subsist in a Canada without Ontario and Quebec. Put another way, Alberta should go if it wants to keep conservatism.

But here’s the caveat: are Albertans, with the highest amounts of government spending in the country, up to living life as conservatives?


  1. Kevin says

    A cynic would say it is smart politics. The Liberals and other parties have moved so far to the left they have left a big vacuum in the middle. The choices for more conservative people like myself are to vote PC or start another party and be out of power for years and years while the lefties slowly move the country and electorate even more toward socialism.

  2. says

    I think Coyne is being overly negative. Would the Mulroney government have scrapped the Court Challenges Program and SWC? These sorts of small changes can have a far-reaching impact. And tax cuts today mean less spending in the future, unless future Liberal governments take the heat for jacking them up again.

    There’s room for improvement, but Harper deserves more than one year in a minority government before being written off as Mulroney II.

  3. Tom Cerber says

    Aaron: I agree. I think Coyne’s editorial, along with several from the past few weeks, are examples of putting pressure on the Conservatives from the right. Editorial writers do it all the time.

  4. says

    I don’t think most Albertans are as right wing as central Canadians think. I’m OK with the Consrevatives doing a few “Liberal” things if it keeps them in power to lower my taxes and not waste the money I send them. I’ve read Harper’s biography and stopped second guessing his moves long ago. All I want now is a majority Conservative government. So I will sit quietly, watch and wait knowing whatever money is spent should get more bang for the buck than under the Liberals.

    Bill in Calgary

  5. says

    I don’t think it’s so much moving to the left as it is buying into the “special status for Quebec” philosophy, completely illiberal (in the Lockean sense) as it is.

  6. anonymous says

    #7, #9, I agree.
    What would Mr. Coyne have PM Harper do? Chance that the Liberals get back into power?

    Hell no.

  7. says

    Yeah, good points. Harper’s got to stay in the centre to have any hope of making sure those Liberals get a proper time-out. Chucker Canuk has a great post up about this BTW. (Bye Bye Miss Rightwing NeoKon Pie). The guy is brilliant.

  8. wilson61 says

    PMSH has done an amazing job, when you consider there are 5 opposition parties on the left, battering every word he says, every move he makes. (Lib, NDP, Bloc, Green, MSM)

    Today’s example:
    ”It was a historic day at Canadian Forces Base Gagetown on Friday as thousands of people gathered to support 1,150 soldiers leaving for Afghanistan next week”

    Who here thinks that would have EVER happened if PMSH had not gone against the big 5 and brought back pride to our military?