Are the Liberals Dead in Quebec?

November 28, 2006 · By

The most under-reported story of last night: The Liberal Party is now officially stone dead in Francophone Quebec. The Repentigny by-election was the last nail in the coffin. The Liberal candidate finished behind the Conservative and the NDP candidates. The CPC candidate received three times the votes of the Liberal.

Did it have anything to do with the recent debate on Quebec as a nation? Maybe, maybe not. But Harper and the CPC have been resolute in their support of the bill, notwithstanding the opposition of the two debonair members from the Halton region. Bill Graham backed the bill, but two of the major leadership contenders were wish-washy over it. Kennedy outright opposed it, as did Volpe ad Dryden. Francophones knew this when they went to the polls last night.

Has the CPC replaced the Liberal Party as the federalist option in Quebec?

Discarded Opinions

November 28, 2006 · By

Dion supporter Jeff Jedras lets loose with sanctimony over the whipped “nation” vote:

So Harper triple-whipped this thing? Interesting. I could go through the archives and pull up a bunch of fun quotes from the Harper gang about how whipping is bad, freedom of blah blah, but who has time?

You do that, Jeff. In the meantime, the words of Robert Bonner following his breaking a campaign promise seem particularly relevant:

If the honourable member wishes to give a speech on my discarded opinions, he is welcome to do so.

Dinning’s Strategy for the Next Round: Appeal to the Urban Liberals

November 27, 2006 · By

In memory of the late, great Max West, I reprint his classic essay, “The Hypocrisies of the Urban Liberals.” Jim Dinning’s strategy to scare voters away from Ted Morton reflects hypocrisies like these:

Urban Liberals love openness and inclusion. That’s why they want nothing to do with rednecks and fundamentalists.

Urban Liberals love diversity, as long as everyone is a liberal.

Urban Liberals are doctors, lawyers and accountants who believe immigrants should be free to become anything they want, as long as we don’t have too many doctors, lawyers and accountants.

Click here for the full essay.

The Rick Bell Tape

November 27, 2006 · By

I finally managed to get the Rick Bell file off my hard drive.

For the background story, go here. If you have already read my Sunday post on the meltdown of Calgary Sun columnist Rick Bell, click here. The text entry does not quite do justice to the actual sound.

London By-Election Results

November 27, 2006 · By

I just went to the Blogging Tories site to see if I could find a site live-blogging the London by-election results as they come in. It turns out that Stephen and Chris are live-blogging the results at the top of the page! Check it out.

The Party of Alberta

November 27, 2006 · By

The Party of Alberta was officially launched at the beginning of November.

I’m not sure about the utility of a Albertan First federal party when the prime minister is currently an Albertan. But if you’d like to see the party get off the ground, head on over and help them become recognized by Elections Canada.

Michael Chong: Trading a cabinet seat for the backbenches?

November 27, 2006 · By

If this is true, and there is a significant chance given the source that it isn’t, then Mr. Chong is truly insane. Giving up a cabinet seat over…this?

Update: Commenter Jeff confirms the rumour. The Halton region’s primary export these days seems to be pains-in-the-ass.

It is nice to see that these former Progressive Conservatives (you know, the caring and loving half of the marriage) are contributing so much. It’s times like this that I wish that Harper, Toews, Day and the rest of the Alliance had gone it alone. As Belinda, MacKay, Turner, and now Chong have demonstrated, the PCs are little bomb-ombs walking amongst us.

Perhaps it’s time to begin detonating them pre-emptively?

Update: And Chong’s announcement comes on the same day as the London by-election, far in advance of the polls closing. What a coincidence.

Update: Frank Parker:

…what he has done today has added fuel to the Bloc Quebecois’ fire. They can easily paint this as a man from the “rest of Canada” opposes recognizing Quebecois as a sociological nation. After Bill Graham, Stephen Harper and Jack Layton put aside partisan differences in the name of federalism, I am disappointed with Bob Rae, Gerard Kennedy and Michael Chong.

Indeed. Harper is currently going through the same experiences that Mulroney did with his small-minded, Anglo, Ontarian MPs.

Sir William of Ockham and Canadian Confederation

November 27, 2006 · By

I don’t think he realizes it, but poster Keith on Andrew Coyne’s blog says something profound:
I believe Andrew has already debunked the idea that Canada is a confederation of two founding peoples more eloquently than I, but the last time I checked the Constituion Act of 1867 was signed by Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick. Hard to see how that was a union of two founding “nations”, let alone three, though it is amusing to see how the number of founding nations is proliferating. At this rate Vanuatu will claim to be a founding nation of Canada by week-end.To those who say this nation debate is moot, I say: Ideas do have consequences. Nation of Islam, (within a united Canada, of course),anyone?
Calling Richard Weaver, calling Richard Weaver:
The philosophy of the nominalism of William of Occam (14th century) abandons the values of universals. Man becomes the measure of all things. Truth is denied. The theology of original sin is abandoned. The downward slide, like lava from a hill, enfolds the heresies found in relativism, rationalism, materialism and scientism.
Lyndon Simmons, Basketballs, Polygamous Nationhood, and the Definition of Marriage. Coming to a post near you, courtesy of Marsilio Facino.

Myron Thompson Questioned About Quebec As Nation

November 27, 2006 · By

This exchange between Myron Thompson and a CTV reporter is pretty funny. CTV was fishing for a disgruntled Albertan to embarrass Harper. They didn’t get it, but not for lack of honesty.

Question: Can you tell me in terms of all this debate going on about the Quebec nation, what do your constituents say?

Myron Thompson: You know, I haven’t heard a thing yet.

Question: What does it mean to you then, this whole notion of …

Thompson: I don’t have any comment because I haven’t figured that out just yet.

Question: You mean?

Thompson: I haven’t figured out exactly what it means.

Question: What do you think it means?

Thompson: I don’t have any comment because I don’t know yet. I don’t even know what to think.

Question: How are you going to vote?

Thompson: I don’t know that.

Question: Are you struggling with the idea?

Thompson: I don’t struggle with anything. When you get to be my age, it is a struggle to get down here to work, you know, so I don’t struggle with these issues, so…

Question: What about your constituents, what do they think?

Thompson: I haven’t heard a thing yet, nothing yet. I’m waiting for the emails and the phone calls and so far, zero.

Question: But you don’t have much time to think about this!

Thompson: Honey, I don’t have much time to live probably. I’m getting pretty old you know.

Globe Smears Alberta, Canadians Repond With Ignorance

November 26, 2006 · By

Scan through some of the comments on the Globe’s ‘bad boy’ Alberta piece. This is the kind of ignorance that Alberta is up against.

Midtown Bob from Toronto, Canada writes: A pumpkin could run alberta and still run an $9,000,000,000 surplus.

William Doyle from Prince George, Canada writes: Morton sounds like a clone of George Bush and surely Alberta does not need this kind of leader.

The One and Only True PRAGMATIC PUNDIT from Canada writes: #11 – A vote for Morton is a vote for turning Alberta into a theocracy. When his only support comes from the leader of teh Alberta Alliance, you know that he will be nothing but trouble for Alberta and the rest of Canada.

M. Perry from MONTREAL, Canada writes: Any friend of Harper’s cannot be good for the country.

Colin McLellan from Vancouver, writes: The political system in Alberta is a perfect copy of the Soviet system. If you want to have a voice on who the next premier is, join The Party. That’s what all the liberals and NDs I know are doing.

Marc C from Calgary, Canada writes: Let me add my voice to the Albertans here who think Ted Morton would be a disaster as Premier. He typifies everything that I detest about this province’s stereotype…mean-spirited, whining, and homophobic. While I’m not thrilled about Dinning, he at least appears more moderate than Morton, the gay-hating ‘Christian’.

Via, SDA

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