Iran: Canadian Embassy Spying on Us

The Iranian Parliament has asked Pres. Ahmadinejad to investigate the Canadian embassy in Tehran for allegedly spying on the Iranian government. As Global Information Gateway reports:

The move follows a motion condemining Iran for human rights violations presented earlier this month by Canada at the United Nations.

Of course, the Canadian embassy has an honorable history of espionage activities in Tehran. Americans will remember Ambassador Ken Taylor saved several US hostages when the Ayatollah’s henchmen took control of the US embassy. Maybe Pres. Ahmadinejad would recognize Mr. Taylor, since the prez was alleged to be one of the hostage-takers.


  1. Speller says

    Why would Canada want to spy on a country that has imprisoned, tortured, raped, and murdered Canadian Zahra “Ziba” Kazemi-Ahmadabadi and imprisoned Canadian Ramin Jahanbegloo?

    Who said anything about Canadians spying for Israel? Oh, right, Real Conservative did. I wonder why?

    There are still an estimated 25,000+ Jews in Iran. I’m sure they’re being treated well, right Real Conservative?

  2. Smarter than Ezra says

    Wouldn’t it be in the best interest of Canada to keep an eye on all of the countries where we have embassies? And if that is considered “spying”, then every nation state in the world is guilty of the accusation.

  3. says

    Spying? Of course we’re bloody spying, it’s one of the functions of a foreign embassy, all foreign embassies…. do people really think it’s diplomatic high tea and crumpets 5 days a week?