Fisking Jim Dithers

Wlliam McBeath (whose blog I discovered via Larry Johnsrude) massacres Jim Dithers’ latest attack on Ted Morton:

I wonder if we’ll start seeing Jim Dinning “Choose Your Alberta” ads being run in the lead-up to Saturday’s vote, with ugly close-ups of Ted Morton in the background as a sinister voice talks about how Ted Morton is a CONSERVATIVE.

Well worth a read.

In the meantime, I am reflecting on the wisdom of unleashing an urban leftist like Gary Mar to attack Morton. I doubt that anyone who would be inclined to support Morton will care about what Mar thinks. But alot of people who will be inclined to support Morton will probably be encouraged to do so by Mar’s unwarranted attacks.


  1. bartinsky says

    Type your comment here. dinning is real bad news. he is paul martin and joe clark all wrapped into one the boys on bay street say run and run fast from this clown these are the same boys who couldn’t believe anyone voted for cretin. chose your Alberta carfully!!!

  2. Speller says

    Real Conservative,
    Maybe Ted Morton is a separatist and maybe he isn’t.
    It isn’t relevant unless you’re against democracy and think Dr. Morton can take Alberta out of Canada without Albertan’s voting on it.

    What Ted Morton is for sure is a realist that understands that Ottawa WILL come again demanding a larger portion of $Billions from Alberta’s non-renewable resources and not only is Ed Stelmach ignoring this, but Jim Dinning speechifies, “it’s ‘Yesterdays Battle’.”

    You don’t seem to be interested in conserving Alberta’s future for Albertans, Real Conservative.
    What are you interested in conserving, the Progressive agenda?

  3. says

    I’m amused by all of the Morton followers who refer to him as a true Albertan who understands rural folks. This is a guy who spent the past 35 years in university lecture theatres in Toronto, Denver, Massachusetts, Connecticutt and Melbourne. There’s nothing wrong with higher education, but how come Dr. Morton can bash Jim Dinning for his big city roots, yet ignore his own concrete jungle pedigree?

  4. Speller says

    And what’s true about you, A.J.Kniles?
    William caught you posting under ‘A.J.Kniles’ & also ‘Lou Farley’ over at “Noise from the Right”. Typical Liberal.

    You’re nobody who should be talking about truth.

  5. Speller says

    Nice shiny new Blog you have A.J.Kniles. Only one Post and that is your whole Archive.

    “Born and bred Albertan?”
    Not bluidy likely.

    “Lived through the SoCred years and not interested in going back there?”
    I’ll bet this isn’t true either. You’re probably a young snotnosed Ontario Liberal.

    Your whole Blog serves only one purpose and that to attack Dr. Ted Morton.

    You must be scared spitless, Kniles or Farley or whoever you are.
    Jim? is that you Jim? tap, tap, tap….