Livingstone Macleod Voters Turned Away from Polls

Apparently overcrowding in Calgary was not the only problem that occurred during the advance vote for the leader of the Alberta PC Party. I’ve received a tip that around forty party members attempted to vote in the Livingstone Macleod riding but were refused a ballot because they only had a PO box number, rather than a street address, as their mailing address.

This begs the question: how are rural members, who use PO boxes as their mailing address, supposed to “establish residency within the constituency?” This is particularly troublesome for those members who live inside a riding, but have their PO box outside of the riding (perhaps in a town on the border of their riding).

If this practice of refusing ballots to those party members with only PO boxes occurs during the upcoming Saturday election, which candidates stand to lose the most?


  1. says

    This is a complete outrage. Everyone knows which leadership candidate this “rule” will hurt.

    It looks like Dinning’s control of the party structure is paying off. He’s pulled yet another Paul Martin.