Classic Front Runner Strategy or Arrogance?

The rumour in Southern Alberta is that Jim Dinning has been recruiting possible candidates for the Lethbridge West seat. Ignoring the fact that Dinning hasn’t even won the leadership yet, nor has Clint Dunford vacated his seat, the question is, which “local elite” is going to get Dinning’s approval and support? Sources tell me the lucky guy is former mayor of the City of Lethbridge, David Carpenter.

When local conservatives hear the news, someone usually proclaims, “but Carpenter isn’t a conservative, he’s a Liberal – isn’t he?” To which another usually responds, “Ya, but Dinning isn’t a conservative either, so they’ll fit like a glove.”


  1. George Freeman says

    A good question. Maybe having a strong contingent of students and retirees, like Edmonton, many simply accept that government is a friendly face. I don’t know, but the current mayor is has a history even further left than Liberal.

    One thing I’ve always thought curious was how close Lethbridge came to banning VLTs eight years ago, general perception being that government should not be in the business of some gambling racket that was ruining a lot of lives. It was a very close vote on a socially conservative issue, and social conservatives just about won; though I don’t know what that says about Lethbridge as I don’t know what voter turnout was like.

  2. Anon says

    Is this a surprise? Dinning has financially supported the Liberal Party of Canada.

    If he wins, I’m going to (1) Vomit; (2) Tear up my PC card; and (3) Buy an Alberta Alliance membership.