Moose Sausage vs Sushi – Morton or Dinning for Premier

In politics, it’s often the details that matter most. Ted Morton and Jim Dinning, who are both running for the premiership of Alberta, recently swung by Southern Alberta to pitch their ideas and candidacy to the local party members and organizers. Morton met with the locals in a backyard and on the menu was moose sausage – cooked over a open fire. On the other hand, Dinning met with the local elite and sushi (and other delicate finger foods) was on the menu.

Overheard by the food at Dinning’s HQ: “I don’t know what that is, but I guess I’ll try it.”

Kinda says it all, doesn’t it?

This scenario is rather typical in this race – Morton as the down to earth individual who will come to your house and speak to you and your neighbours, while Dinning hobnobs with local elites over Asian delicacies.


  1. H. Cameron says

    Lyndon, define “very large” for all of us.

    Anyways, you missed the point. The people who drive local politics in southern Alberta are not sushi eating, champagne sipping elites. Serve sushi at an event with rural party activists and they’ll wonder what you’re trying to prove (or who you’re trying to impress).

    But that is really the point, the sushi wasn’t for the local party activists, it was for the elites who are so attracted to the Dinning Campaign. No self-respecting local conservative activists would be at a Dinning event – not even for the food and certainly not for Dinning’s “liberal” policies.

  2. says

    Moose sausage and sushi as metaphor for their policies. Brilliant.

    And in the same way, many Albertans would wonder what Dinning’s political sushi is. I can also hear the spinning, trying to explain the uncommon political menu in reference to half a dozen power brokers from a Calgary boardroom.

  3. Jim Beam says

    The point is, Dinning is a wussy approval-seeking dykebag, whereas Morton is a down to earth, meat loving, man of the people.

  4. says

    Sorry –name removed–, I completely missed this comment (I’m only seven months late)!

    Are you suggesting that the candidate shot the moose himself and had his wife make the sausages? Now that would be impressive.

    I can guarantee that Morton shot the moose – he’s a big game hunter. However, whether his wife did the sausages is anyone’s guess,